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Nusa Penida Diving for Solo Divers

Nusa Penida Diving for Solo Divers

Traveling by yourself can be exciting. You never know what new experiences you will find and even discover something new about yourself. One of the most popular places for you to solo travel is Nusa Penida Bali, a perfect place to heal your mind and body. Also did we mention that Nusa Penida is perfect for scuba diving as well? As a solo diver traveling throughout Bali, diving in Nusa Penida has to be on your checklist. But is it possible to dive alone to Nusa Penida? Yes you can.  Here is Nusa Penida Diving for Solo Divers

Join an Open Trip

Speedboats from Sanur to the dive spots in Nusa Penida usually won’t depart with just a solo diver. Unless you rent all the boat by yourself. One way to be able to dive in Nusa Penida from the mainland of Bali is to search for an open trip. Feel free to ask us if there are any open trips available on your desired date of diving. If there isn’t any available you can ask for any available date. Being flexible on your schedule can help you when there is not any trip available on your desired date. Simply ask to join the trip on another day, it will help you fulfill your checklist.

What if there are no open trips available?

Don’t worry if there are no open trips available. You can be the one to open it, or we can help you set up an open trip. After you transfer your deposit, we will immediately announce that there is an open trip available. You can wait for other participants to join in on your trip. That way you can have new buddies diving with you, possibly solo divers like you.

What is included in our Nusa Penida Package?

Our Nusa Penida day trip includes transportation from your hotel and back to the hotel. Scuba diving equipment rent is included. 3 Fun Diving session in Nusa Penida. Speedboat slot is also included in the package. Lunch, drinks, and snacks are available for you on the boat or during surface intervals. You can also dry yourself up with towels from us. If available you can get complimentary documentation for your diving trips with us.

For more details and availability, contact us via WhatsApp +6281818929111 or Instagram @balifundiving .

(Cliff Jordan) 

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