Diving Trip to Bali

Bali is a paradise for the diver. Because it has an adorable underwater view and beautiful scenery known as the island of God. Aside from its abundant underwater biodiversity, Bali is located on the edge of the Indian Ocean. So, Bali’s wave is so powerful and just like roller coaster rides! As a result, during July-October you can meet the various fishes. From the basic to large and unusual such as incredible and rare sunfish or Mola-Mola. Another challenging spot for diving is Manta Point. The location is Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida is one of the neighbouring islands of Bali. It is a good spot to experience advance diving. So what are you waiting for? Come and experience the best of Bali Diving underwater! Some of our programs are for non-certified drivers. Hence, a newbie is welcome to try diving with us.

Check on Our Social Media Pages for some clips and videos of Bali Diving, you can choose your diving destination based on your interest in Bali Bali Fun Diving – Instagram Which Bali Dive Site should you visit?

There is so many dive spot in Bali, the more and more fantastic site to discover. From the various choices, Bali Fun Diving has its own short handpicks of dive spot. We’ve divided them into three main areas.

First is West Bali dive spot. It consists of the macro spot, home to incredible macros. Also Menjangan Island, near the West Bali National Park.

Second is East Bali dive spot. East Bali has so many recommended dive spots. Amed, Seraya Village and Tulamben are great options to experience black sandy beaches. Discover a WW2 historical USAT Liberty shipwreck in Tulamben. Those spots also provide you Mount Agung view. Moving to other spots, East Bali has Candidasa and Padang Bai. Experience a thrilled and adventure dive in these sites, aside from the macro creatures and countless shark sightings.

Last is South Bali dive sites. It is home to some of the unusual creatures of the deep ocean. Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan are the two neighbouring island, where the oceanic sunfish or Mola-Mola pops up during its season. Mola-Mola in the season July – October in Nusa Penida Diving. Also, Manta Ray that we can see all year long and a cool drift diving in the north part of the island.

Why dive with Bali Fun Diving?

Our trips to Bali can be personalized for private groups, according to the itineraries, diver logs and preferred experiences, or simply join and tag the current schedule on a regular basis.

Our joy and pleasure are our instructors and divemasters with at least 10 years
of experience, well trained in planning and performing fun trips, rich in expertise and experience. Our excursions prepare a little proportion of diving instructors / skilled diving guides. There is also one of Bali’s best macro spotters and we take photos of all kinds underwater as we also love this!

Best Offer: Get certified on a Bali Diving Safari (Multi-day Bali Dive Trips – overnight)

The three main areas are also perfect for a dive safari, which is tailored for you. Travel around to the dive sites more effectively with a dive safari, hopping from one site to another for a few days in a row. Why should you do Bali dive safari?

  • Save travel time between dive sites.
  • Save energy for more diving.
  • Reach the dive sites early in the morning, jump into the water before other divers arrive
  • Dive in the early morning; the best time of the water.
  • Have more time to enjoy destinations between dive sites and make a random pit stop as you please.
  • Get to know your local masters and safari mates better along the trip.

Apart from these dive sites and programs, we also have a few awesome sites up our sleeves, which we saved for our passionate customers and will reveal upon inquiry.

Our Bali Diving Packages include:

For more details see our pricelist

  • Transport Transfer around Sanur, Denpasar, Legian, and Seminyak region.
  • Sea and land transport to the diving location.
  • Diving is conducted with 1 Qualified Instructor/Divemaster/dive guide for a maximum ratio of two divers or three divers (depending on the level of experience)
  • Weight /weight belt and air tanks.
  • Equipment rental ( BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Mask, Open Heel Fins) If you have your own dive equipment you are eligible for a discount of IDR 100.000/day
  • All Porter fees and entrance tickets on sites.
  • Lunch and drinking water / soft drinks
  • Fresh towel
  • All gov taxes and charges.

Exclude : NO Hidden Fees!

Extras are OPTIONAL

  • Guide Tips
  • Personal insurance/travel Insurance (OPTIONAL)
  • Diving equipment is available for rent, including underwater camera and dive computer. Complimentary UW camera/video with a minimum of 2 weeks booking and confirmation in advance.

Manta Point and Nusa Penida Diving

IDR 2.750.000 / person

Day trip – Manta Point & Mola Mola
Nusa Penida 3x dives/day
pick up 7 am- drop off 4 pm
Day Trip – Speed Boat Diving
Certified divers
with a minimum 2 participants or contact us for a single diver

Tulamben Shipwreck

IDR 1.600.000 – IDR 1.800.000 / person

Fun Diving Day Trip
Tulamben 2x dives/day
Day trip – shore dive
Non-certified diver
Try scuba diving IDR 1.800.000/person
Certified divers IDR 1.600.000/ person
Diving in Candidasa

Gili Tepekong & Gili Mimpang

IDR 1.850.000 / person

Fun Diving Day Trip
2x dives/day
Traditional Boat Diving
Certified divers
(experienced diver only)
with a minimum 2 participants or contact us for a single diver
Learn Scuba Diving in Bali

Padang Bai Fun Diving

IDR 1.750.000/ person

Padang Bai Dive Site
Padang Bai 2x dives/day
pick up 7am- drop off 4pm
Day Trip – Traditional Boat Diving
Certified divers
with a minimum 2 participants or contact us for a single diver
Bali Diving Amed

Amed Fun Diving

IDR 1.750.000/ person

Fun Diving Day Trip
Amed 2x dives/day
Day Trip – Traditional Boat Diving
non certified diver – try scuba diving IDR 1.800.000/person
Certified divers IDR 1.600.000/ person
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snorkeling Trip in Nusa Penida

3 Days Bali Diving Package – East Bali

IDR 4.850.000/person

3 days package – East Bali (6x dives)
Tulamben 2x dives/day
Amed 2x dives/day & Padang Bai 2x dives/day
3 days based on day trip
Certified divers (suitable for beginners)
with a minimum 2 participants or contact us for a single diver
manta ray dive bali

2 days Fun Diving – Bali Diving Favourite

IDR 4.300.000 / person

2 days package – Nusa Penida x3 and Tulamben x2
Tulamben 2x dives/day
Nusa Penida include Manta point 3x dives per day
Shipwreck Diving and Manta Diving
Certified divers (suitable for beginners)
with a minimum 2 participants or contact us for a single diver

4 days Fun Diving – East and South

IDR 7.350.000 / person

4 days package – east and south of Bali (9x dives)
Tulamben 2x dives/day & Amed 2x dives/day
Padang Bay 2x dives/day & Nusa Penida 3x dives
4 days based on day trip
Certified divers (suitable for beginner)
with a minimum 2 participants or contact us for a single diver

Best Deals and Packages

  • Nitrox Certified Divers – Enjoy your Free 2 nitrox tanks
  • If you are NON-Nitrox certified, and you feel like you want to try and feel how to breathe using Nitrox, Let us know.
  • Our Instructor can arrange the Program for you.

Let’s Diving in Bali

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