Why Dive With Us?


Find a way to enjoy the deep blue sea and discover the marine life that Bali offers – scuba dive with Bali Fun Diving!

Bali Fun Diving is your one-stop solution when it comes to scuba diving. From scuba diving courses down to a Bali dive trip, we have them and we make sure that you will never miss anything.

We have all the diving offers that will never be a burden to you. The services that we offer will always be delivered in high quality and we make sure that our prices are competitive but covers everything that you need.

Whether you are on a budget trip or not, we have all the diving offers that will surely work within your budget. We offer standard to premium diving packages that also includes an all-in-one itinerary!

Diving is an activity that you will surely fall in love and Bali Fun Diving will give it to you on a whole new level. We have everything that you are looking for and we ensure that your diving experience will never be a regret instead, it will just be pure bliss and satisfaction.

If you can see the top of the world when you hike, taste the summer breeze when you surf, in Bali Fun Diving, you will get a close encounter with the marine life that Bali is proud of. Among all the dive centers and dive operators that can be found in Bali, ours is the one that you should not miss and should look forward to.

Why Choose Us?

Bali Fun Diving provides a small ratio of divers to dive master or instructor to ensure safety. Every 3 or 2 divers, 1 divemaster will be designated in a dive site to ensure that the diving activity will be safe and convenient to everyone. We don’t want to ruin your vacation in Bali that is why we always do our best to provide a small ratio for diving to guarantee safety and personal attention.

Bali Fun Diving is not your ordinary dive center and operator in Bali. We are the ones that you are looking for and we ensure that satisfaction is delivered. We believe in long – term relation ship. Not only one touch and go business.

We seek perfection, all of our dive team, dive leader, also facility and others meet your needs during your diving trip with us. We have our own selection of standards. Quality over quantity.

Why is it we insist on the small ratio?

Your safety and comfort are the most concern to us, even you dive in the easy dive site.

  • 1st you want to be paired / buddy system with the same level and experience, for example, one of the divers run out of air first and the diver should end the dive while you still have lots of air and you still want to enjoy Manta/fishes /corals,
  • 2nd can u imagine when the divers who paired with u as a buddy is a beginner or different level with you? then you should follow the rule of the lowest level in a group. ( we don’t say that a beginner level is not good, but remember each divers ability and experiences, mostly when you dive in a current situation or advanced dive site)
  • you don’t want to end up in a group with a lot of divers and you should wait for each other to prepare, donning the wetsuits slowly and react slowly, otherwise when you have a small ratio and paired u with the same level you would go jump in the water directly, without waiting for others.
  • In the mola season, this is important, everyone is excited wants to see this giant creature, and it is very very cold water temp and could be dropped to 16C degrees and lots thermocline, but hey remember your timing, current situation, tons of luck is the key factor ( we are facing a wild nature here), also the Divemaster/dive guide is the factor, we can gain the possibility when we have smaller ratio and the ability of each divers ( can go deeper, ability to handle the strong current, ability to be react when there is very bad situation of the water in the advanced dive site, easily to react when there is any instruction from the DM, comfortability of the divers, awareness, all of these is will come by the time when you are ready and you are experienced in it, we can easily guide you there, without too much worry.
  • How about if you are a beginner diver and you want to go these advanced dive site ( mostly on mola mola season)? 1st you want to consider your safety and readability, and yes we can do it on private ratio 1:1 for you and we will see the condition and do some assessment with our dive master, also the area is wide and huge, current mostly very strong in certain corner/area.


We are expert when it comes to diving in Bali. We are composed of professional and licensed divers who are breadths with experiences and are passionate. We know what to teach and we know what to share.

Our team have rich of knowledge and experienced. We are passionate in this industry and love scuba diving!


Our experience in the industry is what makes us beyond par. We have the skills and we are capable of giving what you need. With more than 14 years of experiences combined, we assure great scuba diving experiences in Bali.

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