Terms and Condition, Cancellation Policy, and Payment Method

This page describes the terms and conditions, cancellation policy, and payment method. Please read the following terms and conditions prior to booking your dive.


For the reservation process, we will send you the Down Payment request from our e-commerce link system, MasterCard or Visa are accepted, make sure your credit card is suitable to make an overseas online transaction and already 3D Secured features to avoid link failing, or you may need to call your bank to grant access. If it fails, let us know by email or chat, and we will create a new one.

What is 3D Secured on your credit card? – please read the description below

What Is 3D Secure (Visa Secure / MasterCard SecureCode)?
3D Secure is a technical standard created by Visa and MasterCard to further secure CNP (Cardholder Not Present) transactions over the Internet.

MasterCard brands their system as ‘MasterCard SecureCode’ and Visa call theirs ‘Visa Secure’.
3D Secure protects a buyer’s credit card against unauthorized use when shopping online. This simple service enables buyers to validate transactions you make over the internet by requesting a personal code (usually sent to your cell phone or email address as a one-time PIN). It helps protect against fraudulent use by unauthorized individuals.

The link is valid only for 24 hours, let us know when is the suitable time to make a payment, if you have your WhatsApp for a quick chat to make an appointment for payment, you can reach us by WhatsApp to +6281818929111


  1. All promotion programs/ dive trips/ dive courses 100% payment in advance is required, and non-refundable. Due to the high demand for the promo packages, slots will be reserved and prioritized once the payment has been made.
  2. Cancellation within 4-8 days before the diving date, 50% cancellation fee applies of the total price
    Cancellation within 3 days or less notice and NO-SHOW, NO REFUND of down payment and cancellation fee 100% applies. Hungover, or forgetting to set the alarm during your course 100% cancellation fee applies.
  3. 50% down payment is required, to confirm and secure the reservation, by paying a down payment stated, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of cancellation, and is a commitment for the customer to guarantee the booking, the customer will show up on the excursion day and pay the remaining balance on the day of arrival. Also, securing the reservation by Down Payment is our commitment to reserve your slot and secure the reservation to prepare the trip for the customer. If there is NO Down Payment made during the reservation, The Dive Centre has the right to not guarantee your booking or reserve your dive trip/ activity/ program. The Dive Centre will NOT submit the reservation until Down Payment is received.

For the Accommodation reserved on behalf of Bali Fun Diving, there will be terms and conditions of cancellation policy from the accommodation, it varies depending on each accommodation or resort. We will follow their cancellation policy, and the guest must pay the cancellation fees accordingly.


Diving trips may be canceled or rescheduled or re-routed to another dive spot on the day of the excursion date due to weather conditions or technical issues that are not suitable for marine sports activities, such as high waves and strong winds that potentially harms the divers. Dive Site is picked daily based on the weather and the ocean condition.

Diving instructors/Divemasters/Boat captains make a decision about the selection of the dive sites and/or cancellation of the diving trips. In making decisions, they regard your and their own safety as the most important.

The coast of Bali has a mild climate. Occasionally, we do experience weather or water conditions that make diving unpleasant or hazardous. We monitor the weather and water reports daily and will attempt to inform our guests of a possible cancellation as soon as we are able to. As with all outdoor activities, bad weather or water conditions may not be known until the dive day, at the dive site, or even when we are in the water. If we do need to cancel the dive day or re-route to another dive site area. Our dive leaders may also end a dive at any time if they believe the conditions to be potentially unsafe. We do not offer refunds or discounts due to weather, water conditions, or other unforeseen events if it is happening or occurred during or in the middle of the diving activity.

Force Majeure

In a situation where Force Majeure is applied such as thunderstorms, huge waves, unsafe condition, here are some things we can do.

  1. If it happens on the day of the trip starts (in the morning before departure to the dive location) the dive leader/ port authority/ captain decided not to continue, we will refund your 70% of the payments. Cancellation from our party (Bali Fun Diving)
  2. If it happens during your trip, we cannot give refunds as the operational cost has already been paid. In case of situations like this (for example a thunderstorm, huge waves, unsafe current), the dive leader will ask you to wait until the situation is suitable for diving or redirect to another closest dive location.

COVID – 19

  1. Trip can be rescheduled due to travel restrictions from your country of residence or in Indonesia, flight cancellation from the airline or possibility of health regulations restricting ability to complete course on intended date.
  2. Trip Reschedule can be done within the later of 12 months after a) the intended course date or b) the removal of travel restrictions.
  3. If the participant(s) happened to be subjected positive to COVID-19 (by sending us test result) the trip can be rescheduled as mentioned on point 2.
  4. If the participant(s) happened to be subjected positive to COVID-19 (by sending us test result) ONE DAY prior to the trip/course, cancellation fee applies for the first day of the program. Cost can vary depending on the dive site/program/course. The trip/course can then be rescheduled as mentioned on point 2.
  5. If Bali Fun Diving team is subjected positive to COVID-19, and are unable or suitable to conduct the diving trip, we will reschedule as per point 2. (PADI and SSI online material for diving courses are NON-REFUNDABLE as it is now belongs to the participants, online material can be used in every PADI or SSI Dive centers)


If you cannot complete a scheduled course part way through due to ill health, there will be no refund because the program is ongoing and costs have been paid. If the participant happens to be ill or unwell within ONE day before or during your dive course (by sending us a doctor’s medical statement), there will be an extra cost to reschedule your program as we also need to cancel your trip for the next day. Extra cost can vary depending on the dive site/program / course. We never recommend diving if you are feeling unwell.

NOTE On the normal duration of the open water diver course, normally it takes 2 or 3 days (based on the package you chose)to finish, it also depends on the student divers ability.

For some student divers they may add 1 more day of practice in the pool session before they go open water (diving). They might face a problem during their pool session or open water session. Adding 1 more day session will have an extra charge because the price quoted is for 2 or 3 days course duration. Based on your plan.

To be certified, a diver must MASTER and PASSED all the REQUIRED skills in the pool and in open water sessions, also the theory part (academics).

The Instructor has the right to assess, judge, and score the student divers by the Standards. Not meeting the requirements means not being able to be fully certified.


For most courses, there is a theory element to complete knowledge development that includes online training. This online training is compulsory and must be completed BEFORE the start of the course.
If you do not complete the study prior to arriving on the island it may be difficult whilst here due to the limited time and dive program that we already set for you.
You will not be able to start the course if this theory is not completed and we do not refund your deposit.

If the diving times on courses need to be changed by Bali Fun Diving and alternative dates are not suitable, you will only be charged for the proportion of the course you complete. Full terms and conditions details of our individual dive course refund policy are available on request.


For any cancellation that happens 9 days before the target excursion, Down Payment refund will be processed 2 – 3 working days.

The Payment amount will be minus the administrative fees and bank transfer fees or loss currency ( based on our dive shop rate), Paypal fees or any transfer method.

You can reach us at any time also at WhatsApp chat or call +6281818929111 or +6281703106000

if you have any further questions and information regarding terms and conditions, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


Looking forward to seeing you in Bali.