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Become a Role Model Scuba Diver 

Scuba diving in Bali should be a pleasant experience for every diver, where experienced or beginner one, can enjoy the world class underwater scenery. Diving styles varies from person to person and sometimes it can lead to interesting story. However, we all want to avoid danger and any unpleasant scuba diving experience. That is why we need to be a role model when it comes to scuba diving.

Being a Role Model Diver

Scuba diving in Bali or scuba diving in general is a social activity where divers cannot dive alone. This is why diving buddies and etiquette when scuba diving is greatly affecting the experience. Scuba diving guides are trained to help you enjoy diving while keeping you safe because they know the dive sites thoroughly. Other than that, you also need or want to be a great scuba diving role model for your buddies (both less and more experienced than you). Here is how to become a role model scuba diver when diving in Bali.

Listen to Your Dive Guide Briefing

No matter how experienced you are, please listen to your dive guide. They carefully planned your dives with consideration of the water condition and weather. Remember the plan and dive as planned. Never attempt to dive exceeding the plan, you will know who’s at fault when something happens to you. Follow your dive guide, both in the water and on land because they know better than you. Dive plans include the minimum bar of your tank pressure, max. depth, maximum dive time, following your No Decompression Limit time, buddy system, entry, and exit, etc. Scuba diving guide in Bali knows the condition of Bali’s underwater very well, it is best to listen to them.

Hold Back Your Ego

When scuba diving with a group, there is also a high possibility that you will dive with someone less experienced than you. The dive leader will plan the dive based on the lowest level of divers in the group. Why? Safety for the whole group. Be a great buddy to someone less experienced than you. Dive beside them and enjoy, you can still enjoy the dive. Do not attempt to show off to them that you are cooler by diving out of the plan. There are some tricky dive spots when scuba diving in Bali where unpleasant things can happen even to experienced diver.

The same thing goes for the less experienced diver. Dive within your level of certification. Do not try to prove that you are a great diver by diving deeper or getting a deco dive. In theory, diving deeper will just cut your air supply faster. You are a great diver by following the rules. This way people will respect you more. If you are curious about diving deeper, take a Deep Dive specialty or Advanced Diver Course.

Mutual Respect With Your Buddies

Everyone is different when it comes to scuba diving. Share true stories with each other and keep each other safe during the dive. Listen if your buddy needs advice from you, but do not be an all-knowing person. If you cannot give advice you can search for someone to help you. Know your current ability, level, and experience as a diver. Scuba diving guides in Bali will help answer your questions.

Better Equipment Doesn’t Mean Better Skill

If you believe better and more expensive equipment equals better skill, then you are truly wrong. Although better equipment has better features to use they never guarantee your safety. A role model scuba diver is one who is familiar with their own equipment. Choose equipment that is for you and you know how to use it properly. They will just embarrass themselves with high-end equipment but low diving skills.

You Are Responsible For Your Own Safety

When receiving your scuba diving license, you are now an independent diver. You are now responsible for yourself when scuba diving. As stated on the responsible diver codes. Your divemaster is NOT YOUR BABYSITTER. They help plan for your best diving experience and help you guide to the location. However, when underwater they are also your buddy. You are responsible for each other.

Care for Coral and Marine Life When Scuba Diving in Bali

This one is very important to all divers. Please care for nature, corals, and marine life when scuba diving in Bali. We all want to enjoy the underwater world as it is. Dive responsibly, do not touch anything. Maintain your buoyancy. Maybe also pick up plastic waste along the way.

Those are some of the things you need to know on how to become a respected role model scuba diver when scuba diving in Bali or anywhere else. Hope you all have a great scuba diving journey.

(Cliff Jordan)

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