Official SSI Dive CENTER Partner in Bali

As an official SSI Dive Center in Bali, we have our quality continuously controlled and monitored by the SSI Headquarters in Bali. For your comfort and safety, we only provide a max of 3 divers per diving so you can enjoy the best diving experience in Bali.

Choosing the Right Dive Center for Your Diving Program in Bali

Are you looking for the best scuba diving school for your Bali scuba diving vacation? Well, then you are on the right one. This explanation will help you choose the best diving center in Bali. First, you need a professional diving team with years of experience. In that case, we are sure you want to be a part of our professional team, which has had a minimum of 16 years of amazing diving adventures.

Our team’s focus has always been safety and fun. We are passionate about scuba diving, an expert in all Bali diving sites. We want you to experience a kind of fun you will never forget but of course, we also want you to feel safe. At the same time, you can expect clear and honest diving prices without any hidden costs. We never want you to feel resentful over your experience with us, not with our diving rates.

Our Dive Center and Our Services

You can find our dive center in Sanur (Denpasar) and we welcome all divers to our school. Of course, it is not only the local divers that we welcome to our diving school, we would love divers from all over the world to be part of our diving center and experience adventures with us.

If you cannot make it to our diving center, don’t worry. We also have a door-to-door service we have available for divers in Nusa Dua, Kuta, Jimbaran, Seminyak, and other places. If you are wondering if we can provide the door-to-door service in the area, all you need is to contact us with your questions.

What to Look for in a Reliable Dive Center

Now, if you are wondering if we really are the best choice for your Bali diving trip, let us give you some pointers you should look for in a diving center for your Bali diving vacation. Check out the below tips on finding the right diving center in Bali.

  • Registered and Licensed Company – Your diving center must always be registered and licensed, a company that meets strict diving regulations and have a great track record.
  • Professional Team – The diving team has to be professional, licensed, and fully qualified
  • Licensed and Qualified Diving Master – Must meet the standards of a divemaster and has a passion for diving.
  • Quality Diving Gears – Diving gears are your life-saving equipment and so it has to be well maintained and in its best condition.
  • Friendly Staff – A friendly staff equals happy staff and that equals a great diving experience for you.
  • Boats and Vehicles – The diving school must have their own boats and vehicles to provide full flexibility in their diving courses.
  • Quality Customer Service – A great diving school must offer swift and appropriate responses to your queries showing care and attention to your needs.
  • Awards and Certifications – awards and certifications of the dive center is a good indication of the great service they offer.

These are the pointers to look for in the Bali dive center if you want to experience fun diving adventures. Our Bali dive center has all these qualities and we are sure to deliver the best diving experience with our professional team, top diving gears, and friendly staff at your service.

Prices, Packages, and Services

Many divers are always looking for cheap diving packages and services. As an Official SSI Dive Center, we understand where you are coming from. However, in our diving school, cheap and expensive are both relative. We don’t categorize our services based on prices. How much is your budget? No matter how small or big your budget is we are sure we can make you an offer that suits your preferences.

To us, all prices, packages, and services are adjustable to meet your particular budget but still let you experience amazing diving experience. In addition to that, we also have a wide range of special offers for clubs and groups to offer you so you can more discounts. Our commitment is always to give you the utmost satisfaction on your holiday trip to Bali.

We offer competitive dive prices with more quality compared to others. Our aim is simply to give you a quality diving experience that exceeds your expectation. That we guarantee for sure! Our diving courses are not designed and meant for 1 touch service but to develop a long-term relationship with you.

Highly Qualified Diving Team and Team Members.

You are looking for a most wonderful Bali trip and that’s what we want to give you. We make that happen through the help of our diving team. They are a highly experienced diving team that will give you the best experiences. In your first diving experience with us, you can be rich with knowledge for your next diving experience.

We have our fast team of corresponding by email, WhatsApp call, chat. They are also an active divemaster and some of them are active instructors, they know well how to make efficient custom itineraries, package offers, they do what they love to do and they know what to offers, so don’t worry. Let us know about your planning details and tell us what is your set budget.

Comfortable Transport, Quality Gears, and Close Groupings

Rest assured, your journey to the dive site is in comfortable transportation as with most of the customers, we limit each van with a small group arrangement.

If you are on a Bali trip with your family, we make sure that you will not be grouped with groups you don’t know. As for the diving gears, know that you will be renting a high quality maintained scuba diving gears. We only use the top brands of diving equipment and have qualified technicians to maintain them for us.

And Diving ratio to divemaster is a maximum of 3 divers: 1 divemaster/dive guide/ instructor. In some advanced Bali dive sites, we required a ratio of 2 divers: 1 divemaster/dive guide/instructor. For safety reasons and quality. This small ratio is a measure of our commitment to provide safe and fun dives.

We divide it with different levels and experiences of the divers.

Customer Satisfaction

Bali Fun Diving never fails in giving you the satisfaction that you are looking for. We have the best people who are capable of sufficing your needs and ensure that it will exceed your pleasure and expectations.

Give yourself the ride of its life underwater and explore the superb marine life of Bali.

Come and dive with us and experience the wonders of Bali with Bali Fun Diving!

Safe and Comfortable Dive Boats

We pride on our own speed boats that offer you comfort and safety in your diving experience. Operating our dive boats are our captain and boat crew who are all experienced, knowledgeable and certified in what they do.