Underwater Photography & Videography

Underwater Photography

Bali is a playground for underwater photographers and videographers when it comes to marine creatures and landscapes. The marine biodiversity range from soft coral, hard coral, macros, to various pelagic fishes, ready to be captured by your camera. It’s hard not to take pictures of these beautiful creatures, both for amateur or professionals.

When it comes to underwater photography for Bali dive sites, we arrange private trips for people interested especially in underwater photography. Your group will not be mixed with non-photographers & videographers! Hence, there will be more time and tolerance for the whole team in the hunting of best underwater footages.

We customize your itinerary to the Bali dives sites, based on your availability and requested creatures you would like to see, whether it’s shark, mantas, mola- mola (sunfish), crustaceans, and impossibly small invertebrates.

We will also help you with knowledge of the marine behavior and species information.

What kind of Underwater photography are you interested in?

Digital Underwater Photography Specialty workshop.

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Our love for underwater photography and the underwater world initiates us to share our sightings around Bali dive sites. In addition, we take pride in one of our Digital Underwater Photography Specialty 2-days course by PADI or SSI.

Yes, anyone can take an underwater photograph, but not everyone can do it well. So come pick a few tips and tricks to enhance your underwater photography skills in Bali.

The PADI Digital Underwater Photography course gets you going quickly with today’s modern digital equipment, whether it’s a point-and-shoot snap camera or a sophisticated D-SLR like the pros. With the guidance of a PADI Professional, you will develop your skills to captivating underwater photos, which includes macro and wide angle, also manual setting on your camera, which is — of course — extremely a needed skill and art to obtain the best underwater shot.

Duration :

1 day 2x dives

Dive 1 and Dive 2 involve understanding how to use your camera system and how to really improve the photos you take. Not stop there, we will also guide you the end! When we get back we will also teach you how to get those photos from your camera to your computer and how to do some basic editing in order to make the photo’s look much nicer.

It is such a very fun and challenging course, isn’t it?

ask for the schedule of workshop and request it if you want to have private course or private workshop.

Our Underwater Photography PADI instructor has many years of experience and ready to guide you in taking your best shots, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced underwater photographer. In addition, we have the best macro spotter in Bali to help you capture the tiniest and most hidden marine creature.

We’ve shared our Bali Fun Diving shots in our Gallery and Social Media

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We love it, we love sharing about it, and we’d love you to love it too. Contact us for more love for underwater photography!

Our recommended Bali dive sites for underwater photography

Best offer: We have one the best super macro spotter in Bali, able to find tiny creatures, if you’d like to have a look at our collection here is the link.


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