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Upgrade Your Diving Skills and Be a Certified Diver: SSI or PADI Advanced Open Water

Ready to dive deeper? Want to see the underwater world in a new way? Plan to be a certified diver?

Bali is amazing for anyone looking to improve their diving skills. The rich marine biodiversity of Bali and the stunning dive sites make it the perfect destination. Discover the benefits and excitement of receiving your SSI Advanced Open Water or PADI Advanced Open Water Certification in this aquatic paradise. Let’s start this amazing adventure together and become a certified diver.

Certified Diver

Explore Bali’s Unique Dive Sites

Bali is a world-renowned diving destination known for its diverse marine ecosystems. You can enhance your diving skills by exploring the USAT Liberty wreck in Tulamben, observing majestic Manta rays at Nusa Penida’s Manta Point, or navigating the currents around Gili Tepekong in Candidasa. During your Advanced Open Water course at SSI in Bali, you will be exposed to several captivating sites.

Why SSI or PADI Advanced Open Water Certification?


SSI Advanced Adventurer or PADI Advanced Open Water Certification is critical for divers who wish to advance their diving skills and expand their underwater horizons. It provides you with the knowledge and confidence to navigate diverse underwater environments by focusing on specialized areas of diving and focusing on specialized areas of diving.

Five Adventure Dives to Be a Certified Diver

The SSI Advanced Adventurer or PADI Advanced Open Water Certification requires the completion of five adventure dives, each focusing on a different element of diving.

  1. Deep Diving
    The Advanced Open Water class allows you to immerse yourself in the fun and adventure of deep-sea exploration. You can descend to 30 meters, uncovering the beauty of the underwater world.
  2. Navigation
    Improve your navigational skills as you learn to navigate underwater landscapes with precision. This valuable skill will enhance your confidence and make your experience safer and more enjoyable.
  3. Night Diving
    Night diving is a unique opportunity to experience nocturnal marine life. It reveals a new perspective of familiar dive sites as the world beneath your feet comes alive under the enchanting glow of your dive light.
  4. Wreck Diving
    The renowned USAT Liberty wreck in Bali provides a picturesque backdrop for mastering the art of wreck diving.
  5. Elective Adventure Dive
    Elective adventure dives can be tailored to your interests and goals, whether you’re interested in improving buoyancy, perfecting your underwater photography skills, or exploring a new dive site.

Personalized Learning Experience with Bali Fun Diving

Fun Diving

The SSI Advanced Open Water courses at Bali Fun Diving are designed to provide a personalized learning experience for every diver.

  1. Experienced and Friendly Instructors
    Their certified instructors boast at least ten years of diving experience. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and ensuring that you progress comfortably through the course.
  2. Small Group Ratios
    Keeping diving groups small allows them to focus on each diver’s needs, thus fostering a supportive and safe learning environment.
  3. High-Quality Equipment
    The state-of-the-art diving equipment ensures a seamless diving experience so that you can focus on improving your skills.
  4. Flexible Scheduling
    You will be able to progress through the Advanced Open Water Certification at your own pace as the courses are designed to accommodate your schedule.

Book Your SSI or PADI Advanced Open Water Course

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? You can book your SSI Advanced Open Water or PADI Advanced Open Water course with Bali Fun Diving by message through WhatsApp or by completing the online form, including your available dates, current certification level, and any special preferences. To ensure that your learning journey aligns with your expectations, the team will create a customized itinerary for your course.

Advanced Open Water Certification in Bali is more than just a course, it opens the door to an incredible world of underwater possibilities. The certification opens the door to various new experiences for those who wish to explore deeper realms, refine their navigation skills, or explore the mystery of night diving. At Bali Fun Diving, we combine experience and enthusiasm to enhance your diving experience. Get the most out of your scuba experience and create unforgettable memories. Let Bali’s underwater wonders become your playground as you dive deeper, dive smarter, and explore the underwater wonders of Bali.

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