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What to Expect When Diving in Amed

What to expect when diving in Amed

Amed is a famous dive site in Bali, with good reasons. Although sometimes Amed can be overlooked or overshadowed by other dive sites in Bali, it also has its own charm. So what to expect when diving in Amed? Here are a few of them.

A New Vibe

When you first arrive in Bali, you will immediately be welcomed by the Bali vibe. Rich culture, beautiful Balinese architecture, diversity, and maybe a party. Bali is a busy tourist destination and sometimes people also want calmness. That is where Amed comes in, a fishing village located in the eastern side of Bali. Still majorly untouched by modern tourism. Living in Amed is much calmer than the city side of Bali. That is why diving here can help you to feel other vibes in Bali. 

Suitable for beginners

Generally, the sea and dive sites in Amed are suitable for beginners. Expect diving in calm waters with little to no current. Many people start their first dive here in Amed, which is why diving in Amed is thriving. Amed offers you sandy locations where beginners can feel safe practicing. However nature can be surprising, and sometimes we can expect a challenge. Fear not, our diving instructor will help you through it. 

Muck diving

The word muck diving may not be pleasant for people but we can assure you that in the world of scuba diving it’s wonderful. Within the sand lies tiny remarkable creatures. Nudibranch, cuttlefish, tiny fishes, and octopus made sands of Amed their home. Underwater photography enthusiasts will love looking into the sands of Amed. Do not be confused if a diver with a camera tries to photograph the sand, there is always something interesting going on. 

Pyramid and Statues

Other than the beautiful coral reefs in Amed, there are also other things you can see. To conserve the ecosystem, people planted pyramids as a way for corals to grow. When the coral grows, marine animals will live alongside it. Also in Amed you can find traditional stone statues sunken underwater, great for taking pictures.


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