Bali Diving Trip

Bali is a diver’s paradise. The island is a vortex of underwater richness, surrounding the island of gods. Aside to abundant biodiversity, its location on the brink the Indian Ocean is home to powerful currents and rollercoaster rides. This also means this wealthy marine life has its regular visits from large and unusual pelagic fish such as the incredible and rare sunfish or Mola Mola during July - October, Manta dive site in Bali which is located in the south of Nusa Penida the neighboring island, and the spot to experience advanced technical dives. Tulamben Shipwreck Diving is attractive too, located in the East of Bali main island.

Our Bali diving trips are custom designed for private groups, upon request according to the itinerary, diver's logs, and desired experiences.

Our pride and joy are our dive masters, with a minimum of 10 years of experience, well educated to organize and lead fun dive trips, rich of knowledge and experienced. Our trips prepare a small ratio of divers to dive master and qualified dive guide. We also have one of the best macro spotters in Bali and accommodate all sorts of underwater photography, as we love it too!

Non-Certified Diver

2x dives session - Day Trip

Tulamben Shipwreck or Padang Bai

Pick up 7AM - 7.30AM - Drop 5PM

Certified Diver

2x dives - 3x dives - Day Trip

Certified divers - experienced diver

Pick up 7 AM - 7.30 AM Drop 5 PM

Learn Scuba Diving

Learn Diving in 3 days and get certified

Open Water Diver Certification


Snorkeling In Bali

Manta Point / Tulamben Shipwreck

Padang Bai / Amed

Pick up 7AM - 7.30AM - Drop 5PM