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Bali Diving Destination

In Bali, getting to great diving spots is easy! You can go by shore, speed boat, or even by land. Traditional boats like Jukung are also an option. Amed in East Bali is a top pick. It offers a variety of dives like wall and muck dives, and you can check out sea fans and artificial reefs. You can also use a Jukung boat here. Tulamben and Kubu offer shipwreck diving and are easy to get to from the shore. If you’re into muck and macro diving, Padang Bai is the place to go. It also has a small wreck to explore.

Bali Diving

Challenging Bali Diving Experience

Moving to the more challenging diving, you can visit The Gilis in Candidasa Region to feel another diving experience. There are some options of places, such as Gili Tepekong, Mimpang, and Nusa Penida Diving. You can choose one of the most famous Gilis and Nusa Penida if you want to dive with medium to strong current, sharks, pelagics, Mola Mola, and famous Manta Diving. Moreover, when you have more time, you can also visit Menjangan Island. What’s on Menjangan Island? Menjangan Island is also known as Menjangan National Park. It will give you an underwater great view! There is deep wall dive, crystal clear sea with some of the group of fishes, and turtles will welcome you!

Discover Our Diving Services

Looking for a great diving experience in Bali? Bali Fun Diving is your go-to place! We offer different kinds of diving services. For starters, we have unique boutique services right here in Bali. We also have daily diving trips to go Scuba Diving. Want more? Choose from one day or multiple day packages that include Bali Diving Safari, snorkeling, and even land trips in Bali.

Planning a group trip? We can make a special trip just for you, based on what you want. If you’re diving alone, don’t worry! You can join our scheduled trips too.

Love underwater photography? We’ve got you covered. Our underwater photographers are experts at finding the perfect shot, whether it’s a tiny sea creature or a wide ocean view.

Our team is special. All our divemasters and instructors have at least ten years of diving experience. They know how to make your diving safe and fun. We keep our diving groups small, so you get personal attention.

So why wait? Dive into the best experience with us!

Why Dive with Us?

Bali Diving Non-Certified Diver

Non-Certified Diver

Try Scuba Diving

2x dives session including Practice
Full day excursion (8-10 hours)
Pick up & Drop off
Lunch & Snack
Diving Equipment
Digital Underwater Photography

Certified Diver

Fun Diving

2x – 3x dives/day
Full day excursion (8-10 hours)
Pick up & Drop off
Lunch & Snack
Diving Equipment
Open water diving course bali

Learn Scuba Diving

Diving Courses

Total of 2x – 4x dives
Full day excursion (Min.2 to 3 days)
Pick up & Drop off
Lunch & Snack
Diving Equipment
snorkeling Trip in Nusa Penida


Snorkeling Tour

Half-Day Program
Min. 2hrs in the water
Pick up & Drop off
Lunch & Snack
Diving Equipment

Learn Scuba Diving in Bali

Scuba Diving is a great sport and an eye-opening experience to the underwater world! However, it is still considered an extreme sport. It requires good safety practices and knowledge. Therefore, you need to get a certificate and obtaining from a good quality diving course. The best way to start Scuba Diving is enrolling in Beginner Diver Course here as the full certification for beginner open water diver!

Bali Fun Diving provides you with certified and qualified instructors. Not only about the quality of knowledge, but our instructors also very friendly! They have a minimum of ten years of experience, thus we can guarantee the best qualification and high-value knowledge for your future diving journey! We ensure you that you will have a fun learning time before you are ready to see an exotic underwater panorama safely. We also provide you, instructors, for a small group of students.

Aside from qualified instructors, we assure you the comfort and high-quality diving equipment. In us, you will find a comfortable place with a positive ambience of classroom and pool. Moreover, we also arrange the class based on our student’s request, and available for sessions at your appointed accommodation. So, come and start your diving course in Bali with us!

Bali Dive Safari

Have you had your schedule to Bali to have scuba diving trips for a couple of days but you seems like too busy to arrange it all? May be we can done it for you!. Let us arrange your needs starts from your arrival in Bali to your departure, from scuba diving, hotel, car rental or other transportation transfers, land tour, cultural tour and temple visiting, complete with the best culinary trip, water sports and other tourist activity or even flight tickets or fast boat to the Gili’s Island – Lombok and others places in Indonesia.