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The SSI Dive Guide program gives you a simple way to get involved in the dive professional program to increase your own knowledge, skills, and experience by planning and leading of groups of certified divers. This is the first step on the following path to becoming an SSI Professional Diver. and is the first step towards an exciting career as an SSI Professional Diver without requiring you to complete an instructor program. You will receive the SSI Dive Guide certification after finishing this program.


If you’ve dived for some time now, you’d know that the first step to becoming a Professional Diver is becoming a divemaster. The course is a comprehensive training program designed to shape and develop the required skill and attitudes. This course will develop your leadership abilities to supervise diving activities and assist instructors with student divers.

Divemasters have the flexibility of working on his/her own working hours and a high level of confidence to dive with anyone at any dive site. Certifying yourself becoming a divemaster in Bali will be a great experience with beautiful Bali dive sites at arms reach and as a day-to-day practice location. It also opens the possibility of working all around the world.

When you passed the SSI Science of Diving and Dive Guide certification with an SSI Divemaster Inѕtructor, you will be certified and recognize the level of SSI Divemaѕter. After this Divemaster training, you can lead and guide certified divers, as well as assist with both classroom and pool under the direct supervision of an SSI Instructor.

Assistant & Diving Instructor

This program gives applicants the information, ideas, and important training to organize and direct conduct elementary level of scuba training courses. The 14 daуs intensive courses are designed to prepare qualified candidates to become SSI instructors. The course offers a qualified learning experience in which we focus on getting you ready for the Instructor Examination to obtain SSI Open Water Instructor certification which covers Confined Water Training, Open Water Teaching for students, Academic Teaching, SSI Standards and Procedures, Equipment and more.

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