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Why Should You Start Diving from Bali?

70% of our planet is water, and we are living on the 30%. Our species are curious, they will try to achieve what is unnatural. That is the reason why nowadays people can scuba dive. We may not live underwater yet, but we sure can stay and enjoy it longer. Many people put Bali on their bucket list, beautiful island, amazing cultures, and friendly people. Not to forget, Bali has a few best diving spots in the world. Why should you start diving from Bali? Here is why!

Start Diving from Bali

Fill Your Bucket List

When starting your diving journey in Bali, other than diving you could enjoy Bali! Fill in your bucket list of things to do in Bali. Go on a culinary journey, meet new friends, watch sunsets, and many more. All you can do before and after you dive.

Full Package

Bali is a well-established tourism island from who knows when. Scuba diving also is one of Bali’s best attractions. Almost everything about diving you can find in Bali. Many dive tours offer you a full package, including transportation, equipment rent, air tanks, and all the things you need to dive. So you don’t need to bother finding little things you may miss.

Best Dive Sites

Start your diving journey in some of the best diving spots in the world. The tropical climate in Bali is home to colourful corals. Colourful corals are the home to a vast variety of fishes, nudibranchs, crustaceans, and even big fishes like the Manta Rays and Mola Mola. All you can find in Bali. Did we also mention Bali has a shipwreck that is easy for beginners? You might start your diving journey at USAT Liberty Shipwreck.

Short Escape from Social Media

When you dive, you leave your smartphone behind. For a moment all you need to enjoy is the sound and scenery of the ocean, nothing more. In those moments you can just forget being on social media to refresh your mind.

Experience Zero Gravity

Wonder what it’s like to fly in space? Maybe scuba diving can fill that curiosity. Learn to be completely weightless underwater and enjoy moving like a fish.

Work Out your Body

Scuba diving may be calming, but it might shock you that it actually helps you burn calories. Swimming can burn you some, but the colder water environment helps you to force your body to stay warm thus burning those calories.

Be Smarter and Adapt

Knowledge is important for a diver, learn to respect the underwater world which is not ours. Also learn what unresponsible diver can do to harm nature, others, and even themselves. Practice adapting in any situation underwater.

Show them off

Lastly, wouldn’t you feel proud to share your new experience with friends and family? They might join you too!


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