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What Dive Gear Should You Have First?

What Dive Gear Should You Have First?

As a new scuba diver, buying a scuba gear is your final step after you are sure and more committed to dive more often. But as someone who are just diving into (pun intended) the underwater world, how do you decide which scuba gear to buy first? The answer is simpler than you think. Buying scuba gear can be divided into 2 steps, step one is the basics and step two is the major scuba equipment. Or just buy them all in one go if you want or capable to do so. So what dive gear should you have first?

Let’s now talk about the scuba gear that you need first, the basic gears. Basic scuba gear consists of Mask, Snorkel, Fins + Boots, and Wetsuit. 

Scuba Mask

Probably the most important dive gear to help you enjoy the underwater world, Scuba Mask. Human eyes are not built for seeing underwater. Opening your eyes underwater will only result in you seeing blurry things. This is where the scuba mask comes in, to help you see clearly. Scuba masks are different from swimming goggles, they are larger and covers both eyes and nose.

Scuba mask came in many different types and designs nowadays, which is why you need to find your destined scuba mask. First, when testing to buy a scuba mask, make sure that the mask is airtight so no water comes in. Second, try to shake it to make sure it is airtight. Third, search for the right size for maximum comfort. Fourth, try using a regulator, sometimes a regulator can nudge away your mask slowly. Any mask that pass these tests are the ones you should consider buying for your future scuba diving journey.


Snorkels are simple, it allows you to breath on the surface while still facing to the ocean and can help you save some air. You cannot use a snorkel underwater, so many divers tends to skip buying this. But when learning to dive, we advice you to buy a snorkel because it might be the thing that saves your lives on a rough surface of water. Search for comfort when using the snorkel, Make sure the mouthpiece is fit to your mouth. Try breathing with the snorkel, make sure it is dry and easy to breathe. 

Fins + Boots

As your main movement gear these pair of fins will help you move more freely underwater. Just like scuba masks, this dive gear come in various shapes and designs. When searching for fins, the correct size is important. Having fins too big or too small can hinder your movement. Weight of the fins can also affect your buoyancy. Depending on how buoyant your body naturally is, weight of the fin can be a determining factor. Flexibility is another factor, divers with strong leg might enjoy bigger and stiffer fin. Smaller divers or less conditioned divers will be more comfortable with smaller, more flexible fins. 

There are two main types of fins, full foot and open heels. Full foot fins do not require you to wear boots. But nowadays full foot fins are getting less popular compared to their counterparts, the open heels fins. Open heels fins require you to use boots and can look more stylish. Just like fins, size and comfort are the main reasons to consider when buying boots. 


Wetsuit is an exposure system that help maintain body temperature underwater, also protects you from scrapes or stings. They can keep water out so cold waters cannot circulate through your body. Wetsuit vary drastically in terms of price, but first you need to consider the main function of the suit. Cheaper wetsuits can be enough if they do their job while more expensive ones can be more stylish or comfortable. Search for the wetsuit that suit you best in comfort and function. 

So are you ready to finally buy your own dive gear? You can ask us to shop with you here in Bali for additional discount. Part 2 coming soon where we will cover step two in buying scuba diving equipment! Stay tuned.

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