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Upgrading Your Scuba Diving License

Scuba diving is a wonderful sport and an addicting hobby, but we must not forget about the dangers. During your first lesson about scuba diving, you were introduced to the dangers of scuba diving and your open water diver certification limits you until 18 meters. This limitation allows you to keep being safe. We know that the more you dive, the more you will be attracted to scuba diving. So why not try something more?

Guide to upgrading your scuba diving license

Why Upgrade With Bali Fun Diving?

Bali Fun Diving is prepared with certified and qualified instructors, with a bonus: their friendliness! Our instructors have a minimum of 6 years of experience, guaranteeing the best qualifications for your future diving days. All of our instructors will also have fun preparing you to see the exotic underwater panorama with safety and the right techniques. During your Diving Course in Bali, you will experience some diving skills in a different kind of situation depending on the dive site area.

We assure comfort for a concentrated ambience and have a professionally equipped diving center with air-conditioned classrooms and pool too. Organize our students to feel comfortable, when entrusting their diving education to us. Also arrange classes based on our student’s request, being available for sessions at your appointed accommodation.

What Will You Get

When upgrading your scuba diving license, there are plenty of options to choose from. Commonly people will go for the Advanced Open Water Diver license since that allows you to experience more special dives. In the Advanced Open Water Diver program, you will experience deep diving, diving in currents, and night diving. All to enhance your experience.

But if you are willing to go even further, then being a specialty diver may suit you. In the Specialty diver course, the program depends on you. Wanting to be special in deep diving, then you can join the Deep Diving Specialty program. The program will give you more deep diving sessions and deeper theories. Other specialty programs that you can try is Nitrox Specialty, Rescue Diver, Digital Underwater Photography, Perfect Buoyancy, and many more to try.

So, ready to upgrade Scuba Diving License?

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