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Underwater Photography of Boxer Crab in Bali

Underwater Macro Photography

Complete your macro photography collection with photo of  boxer crab in Bali. Colorful and beautiful tiny crab.

Boxer Crab

Boxer Crab also known by the name of Pom Pom Crab or Lybia Tesselatta is one of the favorite object macro photography. This crab hided behind the small rocks which also included a nocturnal animal. Size is not too small About a 2.5 cm or 1 in and the bright colors make this a very interesting type of crab for photography.

Boxer Crab get the name of habit to carrying anemone in his hands. Anemone serves as protection from predators because it has a sting for predatory fish. Benefits for Anemone is carry around where that will get more small particles as food.

During the day, the Boxer Crab in Bali will hide behind small pebbles and venture out when dark. For reproduction, the female boxer crab has the task of carrying brightly colored eggs in the abdomen of approximately 10 to 15 days.

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