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Underwater Macro Dive in Tulamben

Strange small creatures can be found and be interesting objects while doing macro dive Tulamben trip.

Liberty shipwreck

Besides seeing the majesty of Liberty shipwreck, Tulamben is a perfect place to look for strange little creature that usually hide perfectly in the rock sandy black and various plants sand bottom.

The strangeness of shapes and colors creatures usually found in Tulamben, made macro dive in Tulamben as one of the main destination of divers of photography macro world. Many types of nudibranches, shrimps, crabs, goby, frog fish, pigmy seahorse and others will accomplish your dive macro trip here.

Macro Dive Spotter

Our professional macro spotter will help your photography hunting. With their macro dive experienced and knowledge about the behavior and habits of these creatures will spotted uncommon creatures for your photography. Our team also understands that macro photography is not just about the creatures that have never seen by photographer but also about the moment and the right opportunity.

Don’t be hesitate, To you who are just new in the macro photography, our team will help you to learn more about photography, lighting, angel and no less important approach to the object. so you can make photo even better.

Contact Information

Lets us to enhance your macro photography trip, satisfy and best result may on you. Call or Whats app +62 818 1892 9111 or E-mail info@balifundiving.com

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