Beginner’s Options to Scuba Diving in Bali

Beginner’s Options to Scuba Diving in Bali After two years of pandemic, Bali is finally open for international travelers. Are you planning to visit Bali this year? If the answer is yes, this might be the best time for you … Read More

Become a Role Model Scuba Diver 

Scuba diving in Bali should be a pleasant experience for every diver. Both more experience and even to the beginners can enjoy the underwater world of Bali. Diving styles varies from person to person and sometimes it can lead to interesting story.

Open Water Diver Course for Beginners in Bali

2022 has been the year where people are starting to go traveling once again. Some countries have lifted their travel ban and reduced time to quarantine. So is Indonesia, news have stated that in April people can enter Bali without … Read More

Things to Know Before Your First Scuba Dive

First Scuba Dive: Are You Ready to Explore the Underwater World? Sometimes when we tell our non-diver friends that we’ve got a scuba diving license, their responses are either amazed, shocked, or ask a bunch of questions. Their responses and … Read More

Improving Your Air Consumption When Scuba Diving

We all have a goal to keep improving our air consumption so we can dive longer. In reality, people have various rates of air consumption. Women naturally consume less air than men. The size of the lung also affects the … Read More

What Dive Gear Should You Have First?

What Dive Gear Should You Have First? As a new scuba diver, buying a scuba gear is your final step after you are sure and more committed to dive more often. But as someone who are just diving into (pun … Read More

Get to Know the Preparation Before Diving in Padang Bai Bali

Bali has an amazing underwater charm to attract travelers. To enjoy the natural beauty, you can access several stunning destinations in an easy way, such as diving in Padang bai. To reach your diving destination, you have to prepare in … Read More

The Wonders of Oceanic Sunfish

Oceanic Sunfish is known as the largest bony fish. Their skeleton consists of cartilaginous tissues that are lighter than bone, making them grow into magnificent sizes. This are actually related to Pufferfish, Triggerfish, Porcupinefish and Filefish. Let us learn about … Read More

In Just 2 days, You Can be A Scuba Diver

Wanting to be a scuba diver but there is not much free time on your schedule? Fear not, we have a solution for you! Usually, getting a scuba diving license normally consists of 3 days of training. But what if … Read More

Try Scuba Diving in Bali for the best experience ever

Scuba Diving for Group Trip The Best small group trip for scuba diving in Bali with Bali Fun Diving. Visit the most famous Bali dive site Bali has many amazing diving sites. From Shipwreck, Diving in the wall, Artificial Reef, healthy … Read More