Things to Know Before Your First Scuba Dive

First Scuba Dive: Are You Ready to Explore the Underwater World? Sometimes when we tell our non-diver friends that we’ve got a scuba diving license, their responses are either amazed, shocked, or ask a bunch of questions. Their responses and … Read More

10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Scuba Diving in Bali

Scuba diving is not like any other activities. Divers all around the world want to keep looking for a better place to dive. One of them being Bali, the paradise on earth. Bali is surrounded by sea, that is why … Read More

Menjangan Island Diving

Menjangan Island Diving Spots The island of Bali is larger than you think it is. Usually, people will roam around southern Bali or a bit to the north in Ubud. But did you know Bali has a hidden gem far … Read More

Being an Eco-Friendly Diver

Naturally Beautiful Waters As recreational diver, we dive to enjoy the naturally beautiful waters. But let’s view back on the condition of our oceans. At least 8 million tons of plastic waste ended up in the ocean each year. This … Read More

Nitrox: What’s the Difference?

Nitrox We all know that diving is fun. Fun can sometimes also mean that time somehow moves faster than it should be. Having met an object at a certain depth and trying to take a photo of it can be … Read More

One Year of Covid: A Bali Diving Review

Bali Diving Review It has been more than a year since Covid-19 struck and Bali is still at rest from international tourism. Many of us struggled to survive, some did but some did not. If you have visited Bali before … Read More

Bali Family Activity: Try Scuba Diving for Beginner

Scuba Diving For Beginners Bali is a place for every type of traveler. Whether you are doing it solo, with a special someone, or even with your whole family. For those of you who bring your family here to Bali, … Read More

New Normal Diving di Bali

Masa pandemi ini bukan berarti industri menyelam akan berhenti. Selama satu tahun pandemi ini berlangsung, Bali Fun Diving berupaya dalam menciptakan perjalanan-perjalanan menyelam anda yang aman dan tentunya tetap menyenangkan. Kami juga yakin teman-teman divers sudah sangat ingin menyelam untuk … Read More