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SSI Open Water Diver Course Bali

Best price for SSI open water dive course Bali with experienced instructor and the small ratio or close grouping. Become an Independent diver and qualified diver with us. Contact(WA) +62 818 1892 9111

Scuba Diving is one of the most favourite water activity or adventures in the world. With scuba diving, you can enjoy the underwater landscape and its beauty. The colorful coral reef and thousands of varieties underwater life.

However, to be able to do scuba diving independently with a dive buddy, you will need a special training or dive courses to make your underwater adventure safe and with a proper knowledge and skills, education and information.

SSI Open water dive course in Bali is the first step to get your adventure begin and get certified in the first level of your scuba diving journey. In this SSI Open Water Diver course, you will learn the basic ways of diving, safety protocol and also how to solve the problem when it appears underwater.

This open water dive course can be taken within 3 days in Bali, where your first day will begin with a theory also video session in the classroom and continue with the diving skills and training in the pool sessions.

The second day of your open water dive course where you will be amazed by the open water diving in the ocean, and yes it is the first time for you to dive in the ocean and you will start to enjoy and excited about underwater life. The third day, same as the previous day you will be more aware and comfortable also much more relax and confident about scuba diving.

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Bali fun diving offers SSI open water diver course Bali with the small ratio of diving instructor to student, so your dive courses are more private and in a safe environment. Our instructors are PADI and SSI qualified instructors who have experienced more than 10 years of teaching and rich of knowledge. We are in LOVE and PASSIONATE to spread the world of scuba diving and its message to keep our ocean safe and respectful to the mother nature to every new diver and we love to teach and share our passion. This rich of experience makes us more mature and will help your diving course to be qualified and fun. We believe in the philosophy of quality in education. Also, we are an official SSI Dive Centre partner in Bali.

Contact us and make your dive experience to be the best experience ever. Check out our social media fan pages here @balifundiving & Bali Fun Diving

Get free rental of the underwater camera or GoPro for direct booking.

For more information, Call or Whats app for quick response +62 818 1892 9111 or Email us at info@balifundiving.com

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