What Are The Qualifications To Be A Rescue Diver?


Bali Diving Daily Pick up at 7.30 am - total of 3x dives 

2 days - 3 days full day course 

PADI IDR 4.850.000

SSI IDR 3.850.000

one of pre requisite of Emergency training ( CPR and first aid training, possible to add on here for IDR 2.500.000 / person, but if you already have one from your home country within 24 months active, let us know)

  • Day 1 : Pick up at the hotel - meet our diving team at Bali Fun Diving Dive Centre - class session for Rescue and emergency training (possible to enroll online learning  before you arrival in Bali to minimize class session)
  • Day 2 : continue for theory session - pool session in sanur - finish around 3 or 4 pm.
  • Day 3 : go to Tulamben 2,5 hrs or Padang Bay 1,5 hrs ( please choose one of the Bali dive sites) - 3x dives - drop to your hotel around 5 - 6 pm

Additional (OPTIONAL)

  • Travel insurance IDR 100.000/ day / person
  • DAN Short term Program AUD $40 for 10 days  or AUD $50 for 30 days
  • Underwater camera can be rented at IDR 300.000 per day.
  • Optional extra dive is IDR 400.000 per person per dive on the same day
  • Night dive is IDR 400.000 per person (optional)
  • Nitrox is IDR 50.000 per dive / person
  • Personal guide available for IDR 500.000 per day.

Discounts offers and availability :

  • For the  diving trips packages, we require at least two persons. Please do not forget to ask for the availability.
  • There will be a 5% discount for two or more persons who will book in a group for the same activity.
  • Also, a 10% discount will be offered automatically for a minimum of two persons who book for two days diving.
  • Contact us for more discount of groups more than 2 person / clubs.

Book Your Bali Dive Trips and Courses with us

Kindly provide your information as much as you can to help us easily and send you the offers/quotes soon :

  • Your available date (s) of diving / course ?
  • Dates of arrival and departure ?
  • How many of certified / non – certified divers?
  • Your certification level?
  • Logged dives that you have?
  • Date of your last dives?
  • Special request or any information to let us know?