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Shipwrecks to Dive in Bali

Shipwrecks to Dive in Bali

Diving in a shipwreck is in many ways very interesting. We’ll learn that nature will always take back what we built. Over time these wrecks have become an artificial habitat for our aquatic friends. They have their own beauty, mystery, and story behind all of them. Here are some shipwrecks to dive in Bali

USAT Liberty Shipwreck

Probably the most famous shipwreck in Bali. Located just 20 meters from the shore of Tulamben Beach, this shipwreck is suitable for all levels of diver. Starting from 5 meters deep to 30 meters deep, you could explore all of the wrecks. After about 50 years sunken, it has become a home for underwater life. Big fishes are often seen wandering around the ship such as the Bumphead Parrotfish. While macro creatures can be seen hiding within. USAT Liberty shipwreck has it all, for wide photographers or macro photographers.

Kubu Boga Wreck

Recently sunken in 2012 by the government as an artificial habitat. Kubu Boga wreck is located near USAT Liberty Shipwreck, just a few minutes ride away. The ship is still intact, but you will need Advanced diver license because it lies deep in 30 meters. Originally it was lying in 18 meters deep, due to a local earthquake the ship slowly slides away to probably its last depth. 

Jepun Wreck

Located in Padang Bai, this wreck lies at  17 meters deep. Home to many macros such as shrimps, seahorses, frogfish, and even little sharks. 

Japanese Wreck Amed

Located near the beach of Amed, this wreck lies at 7-10 meters deep. It may not be as breathtaking as the USAT Liberty shipwreck, but the inhabitants are. When diving here keep your eyes peeled for many damselfish roaming around and also search for seahorses hanging within the sea fans.


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