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Scuba Diving Tulamben

Be witness to historic Liberty shipwreck with scuba diving Tulamben, welcome site to all levels and non certified diver. Call/WA +62 818 1892 9111

Bali has unique and varied dive sites. Spread evenly throughout the coastal islands. One of the most famous places and has become a world-class dive is Liberty Shipwreck.

Liberty Shipwreck is located in the eastern part of the island of Bali, Tulamben. This shipwreck is a World War II relic ship owned by America that can be enjoyed by scuba diving Tulamben.
Since becoming a diving site from 1982, this dive site has been visited by many divers from different parts of the world.

In addition to promising the splendour of the shipwreck itself, this dive site is inhabited by various types of reef fish that are colorful and familiar to divers.

The location of the shipwreck is not far from the beach and tends to have calm water, clear and warm so the dive is highly recommended for all levels of divers. Including you who want to try diving for the first time.

Let’s make your holiday in Bali even more impressive by scuba diving Tulamben with Bali Fun Diving. And be a witness of the glory of World War II relic of Liberty Shipwreck.

For more information, Call or Whats app +62 818 1892 9111 or Email: info@balifundiving.com

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