Scuba Diving Padangbay

Meet Turtle and Cuttlefish by Scuba Diving Padangbay. Get best deal price by contact +62 818 1892 9111. Free underwater camera or Gopro rental.

Turtles are a species of marine animals that are in danger, since 1999 the existence of turtles is protected by the government. There are 6 types of turtles from 7 species of sea turtle in the world can be found in Indonesia.

By scuba diving Padangbay, you are offered to see the turtles directly and even we can swim with them. The types of turtles commonly seen on Padang bay reef are Hawkbill Turtle and Green Turtle. Padangbay has a healthy coral garden in a shallow place filled with a variety of soft corals and hard coral which is an ideal habitat for turtles.

The existence of turtle here is guarded by the local community as well so they are more safe. Not only the turtles, Padangbay also offers other exotic marine creatures that are not less interesting, such as Octopus, Cuttlefish, Frogfish and various other reef fish.

This diving place is located in the southeastern part of Bali island which can be reached within 1.5 hours by land vehicle from Sanur is one of the tourism center in Bali. Let’s complete your holiday in Bali, by looking directly at the underwater turtle behavior.

Get more information by Call / Whats app: +62 817 0310 6000 or Email: Get special price for more participants in your group and get FREE underwater camera or Gopro rental for early booking.

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