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Scuba Diving Career Prospect

scuba diving career prospect

Scuba Diving Career Prospect – Have you ever thought that you can use SCUBA skills in your life rather than just for recreation?

Well, if you are an internationally certified diver (international diving license) with high diving flight hours. There are many ways that you can really use your experience to help others. You can use this skill as well as be a source of your income. Many people around the world have decided their lives and choose a career as a SCUBA diver.

Scuba Diving Career Prospect

Diving Instructor

Most people will first think of becoming a Scuba Diving Instructor. Another alternative is to become a dive guide (dive guide) at the resort around the dive spot, open a dive shop or dive equipment rental around the dive spot, and do diving certification training.

Underwater Photographer

If you happen to have experience and ability in underwater photography, plus the ability to SCUBA Diving, it can make you an underwater photographer. All kinds of media employ scuba divers to take photos or videos for articles in their magazines, and also need people who can be resource persons for underwater life, so why not be the one they need?

Underwater Scientist

If you have knowledge or a degree in biological sciences, then you can help with scientific research projects. Scientists are constantly researching the life of the underwater world and as much as possible to explore the organisms that exist in the underwater world.

Of course they also need not only people who understand science, but also have the ability as scuba divers. Many professional researches on marine life require the ability of professional divers who also know the importance of conserving marine life so that they can assist in the process of observation and data collection for these studies which play a major role in determining the merits of the research results.

Underwater Construction Worker

Maybe you have a background in construction skills (such as welding) so if you are equipped with scuba diving skills, you can become an underwater worker for underwater construction work.

The underwater construction sector also has a high demand for trained SCUBA divers to help build underwater structures and repair ships.

Diving technical experience is needed here, because the tasks at hand will be very focused and pursued by the completion time target.

This field is also always in need of underwater workers for the routine maintenance required to maintain existing underwater structures, and new underwater projects will also appear.

Divers interested in this type of work should be aware that there are dangers involved in underwater construction, and salaries can vary quite a bit, but that also doesn’t mean underwater work won’t be satisfying for you.


Industry in our world continues to grow, allowing for accidents or very unexpected events such as spills of chemicals or waste where they are not supposed to be.

SCUBA divers also play a key role in helping to assess and repair environmental damage, whether marine, lake, or even sewers due to accidents that pollute the aquatic environment.

This research work carries the greatest risk, as divers are dealing with toxic materials and may contract infectious diseases, so the use of specialized equipment is highly recommended. Whatever it is, scuba divers also play an important role in keeping the world’s waters safe and clean for all forms of life.

This article just describes some of the views you can take to make a career in scuba diving. Do the right analytical research before deciding where you want to have a career, but for sure you have to find a job that can provide a prosperous life and of course you really like.

Whatever profession related to the underwater world you will pursue, of course you must take a diving course with international standard certification first to become a scuba diver first.

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