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It is a good decision when you plan to do scuba diving Bali while on vacation to the island of Bali.
Being one of the world’s tourist destinations, Bali is also blessed with amazing underwater scenery.
Many choices of the dive sites that offer characteristics, topography, variations in healthy marine and coral animals will enhance your diving vacation.

The dive site is grouped according to the level of current strength so that the selection of the site can be adjusted to your diving experience.

Historic dive sites like the Liberty shipwreck can be found in the eastern part of Bali, Tulamben. Tulamben tends to have calm, warm, clear waters and weak currents. And the Liberty shipwreck lie down not far from the beach at a depth of 4 meters to 30 meters so this place is perfect for those of you who are just starting diving adventures even suitable for you to try diving for the first time.

The health of a reef inhabited by colourful reef fish and diving sites to meet large fish such as the Manta ray and even Mola Mola can be found in the Nusa Penida dive area.
The three islands located in the southeast of the island of Bali are directly facing the Indian Ocean which affects the rapid rotation of water during highs and lows tide, so this dive site is recommended for those of you who are experienced.

Besides than that two dive sites, there are still many spectacular dive sites in Bali. Like dive site to find a small and unique creatures for macro photography and wall filled with big and healthy Seafan for wide angle photography.

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Don’t miss your chance to dive while you are vacationing in Bali and we offer special prices for you and also a big discount for those of you who have more participants.

With a small ratio between divers and experienced dive guides will make your dives safety and more enjoyable.

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