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Scuba Diving Bali Best Deal

Scuba Diving best deal

Scuba diving best deal is one of the best decisions to make while you are visiting the island of Bali. As a world-famous tourist destination, Bali is a wonder both on land and in the sea. Diving spots in Bali vary in characteristics, topography, variations of healthy reefs filled with inhabitants to fulfil your diving desire. Various dive sites in Bali are compatible with all level of divers, there’s always be a perfect spot for you.

Things to experience

USAT Liberty shipwreck is a historic dive site that can be found in the eastern part of Bali, in a village named Tulamben. With relatively calm and clear waters, Tulamben is a perfect place to start your dive. The shipwreck lies just a few steps from the shore and can be seen from 4 meters deep to 30 meters deep. Divers of all levels are recommended to scuba dive in Tulamben.

The healthy reef inhabited by colorful fishes attracts large creatures such as the Manta Ray and the Oceanic Sunfish or known as the Mola Mola. They can be found in the reefs of the Nusa Penida area.

Beside those diving sites, Bali still holds many more. There are tons of dive sites for you to find small and bizarre creatures underwater for macro photography. Also do not miss the opportunity to capture wide-angle photography in Bali’s various walls filled with sea fan.

Don’t miss your chance to dive while you are visiting Bali and we offer special prices for you, also the more the merrier + cheaper. With a small ratio between divers and experienced dive, guides will make your dives safe and more enjoyable.

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