Open Water Diver Course

The best entrance to the safety and fantastic underwater world. Sign in on Open water diver course in Bali. Call/WA +62 818 1892 9111.

What is Open Water Diver course? is an entry level on recreational diving that teaches basic techniques to enjoy the underwater world with safety and fun.

Age to enrol the course? 10 to 11 years old can start an open water diver course as junior open water and when it has become a certified diver, the dive must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or divemaster or instructor with a maximum depth of 12 meters

Ages 12  to 14 years are still classified as junior open water where each dive must be accompanied by adult certified divers.

15 years and above have become independent open water divers with 18 meters maximum depth.

How long taking the course? courses can be taken in 2 to 4 days where:
day 1 and 2: intended for theoretical learning in the classroom and basic diving skill on the pool. Day 3: open water dives 1 and 2 wherein this dive will simulate some problems that may arise and handle them when under the sea. And day 4: open water 3 and 4 dives continue training skills from previous dives.

Where conduct open water dives? we offer 2 different dive sites such as  Tulamben where you will be trained to enter the water by beach entry and Padang bay by boat dive (backroll entry).
These two dive sites in Bali is most famous spot which you can enjoy Usat Liberty Shipwreck and beautiful coral garden inhabit by thousand of reef fishes.


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We also offer smaller ratio student to instructur, 2:1 to more safety, intense and fun learn proccess. How to get in? Contact us by Call or Whats app to +62 818 1892 9111 or Email to

Get free rental underwater camera or Go pro for your open water dives for advanced booking.

Discount 10% for participant booking more than 2 person

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