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One Year of Covid: A Bali Diving Review

Bali Diving Review

It has been more than a year since Covid-19 struck and Bali is still at rest from international tourism. Many of us struggled to survive, some did but some did not. If you have visited Bali before the pandemic, you will be surprised at how empty Bali really is now. With all this quietness and no tourist traffic, we are given a chance to reflect and adapt. Staying and thinking positive is the key to adapting to this situation. This is our story of One Year of Covid:  A Bali Diving Review.

What happened to the Ocean during one year of Covid?

Where there are humans, there is a high chance of environmental changes and usually, it is not for the better. Human activities can harm the ocean in various ways such as, global warming, plastic pollution or any other pollution, and even over-tourism. Global warming can cause coral bleaching making corals dead and unpleasant to look at. While pollution and over-tourism can harm both coral reefs and marine life.

After Covid, people are in lockdown and the ocean is being left alone for a moment. During these times, coral reefs have a chance to grow back. Nusa Penida is a popular destination for snorkeling and diving, during high seasons hundreds of boats can be seen parking around the island. With that many boats, there is a high chance of tourists snorkeling to damage corals with their fins. Thankfully with a decreased amount of people in the ocean, corals can once again breathe and grow. Not only in Nusa Penida, in other diving spots in Bali also get the same effect.

What happened to Dive Centers during one year of Covid?

Like many businesses in the world of tourism, a Dive Center got hit hard when lockdown happened. Thankfully, we in Bali Fun Diving managed to keep a positive attitude and adapted to the situation. All of our equipment and trips are based according to Covid-19 health protocols.

We routinely disinfect our diving equipment after each use, especially the regulators. Also, we advise you to bring your own mask or mouthpiece for your own use. Mouthpieces can be removed and replaced on the regulator and having your own can give you safety.

As Bali Fun Diving is a dive center focused on quality over quantity, we have plenty of regulars coming back for diving. Since domestic flights are still available, many of our Indonesian friends come back to us when they are bored in lockdown. You might be surprised during October 2020 – January 2021 we almost had guests every day. For everyone out there still struggling with the situation, keep your heads up. Keep a positive attitude and then you will find a chance.

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