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The Wonders of Oceanic Sunfish

Oceanic Sunfish is known as the largest bony fish. Their skeleton consists of cartilaginous tissues that are lighter than bone, making them grow into magnificent sizes. This are actually related to Pufferfish, Triggerfish, Porcupinefish and Filefish. Let us learn about the wonders of Oceanic Sunfish. Have you met them? Diving in Bali with us during the Mola Mola season starts July – October. Bali Diving offers some beautiful spots to dive in and meet this wonderful creature.


Oceanic Sunfish, or as divers commonly known as Mola Mola belong to the Mola Family. The Mola family consists of Mola Alexandrini, Mola mola, and Mola tecta. Usually what we see when diving in Nusa Penida is Mola Alexandrini. Although scuba divers still prefer to call it Mola mola, because it is easier to say.


As the largest bony fish, do you know how big an Oceanic Sunfish can get? It can get up to 3 meters tall and weigh around 2 tons. That is nearly as heavy as an SUV. But what is more surprising is the Oceanic Sunfish is one of the fastest-growing fish in the ocean. In just 15 months, they can gain approximately around 400-500kg.


Oceanic Sunfish love the cold water, but occasionally they will come up to the surface to sunbathe. They can be found on the ocean of Nusa Penida, especially to the south. During July-October, there is a higher chance for scuba divers to meet these gentle giants.

Why sunbathe?

Oceanic Sunfish usually swim in the deep cold water but sometimes they will need to search for the sun. The warmer water on the surface helps them to reheat their bodies and help their digestion. So you may find them laying sideways on the surface like a sleeping fish. Also, their skin is susceptible to parasites, tiny fishes will help them to eat those parasites in shallower waters.

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