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Oceanic Sunfish Bali

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Oceanic sunfish are often also called “Mola-mola“. This fish is the heaviest bony fish on earth. Weight can reach 800 to 1000 kg.

Nusa Penida is one of the places in the world frequented by Oceanic sunfish in Bali, to rid itself of parasites by swimming near the reef and cleaned by a small fish “Bannerfish” that feeds on parasites from its body.

Oceanic sunfish or mola mola are deep sea fish that live in cold temperatures. When the cold season in the waters of Nusa Penida, ie in August to October, these fish swim to the surface.Here the divers have the opportunity to meet the Oceanic sunfish are very shy. Usually these fish can be seen in depths of 15 to 35 meters but often can also be seen in shallow places up to 5 meters if the cleaning process itself is not disturbed by divers.

Travel to Nusa Penida can be reached by speed boat approximately 50 minutes from the port of Sanur. This dive trip can be taken with one day daily trip so it does not have to stay on the Island. The trip will start from 8 am and return to sanur port around 5 pm.

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