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Nyepi 2021 : Day of Silence When Bali Sleeps

Nyepi 2021: Day of Silence

Once a year, according to the Balinese calendar, the people of Bali celebrate their own new year. This day is known as Nyepi (Day of Silence). As the name suggests, on this day the Island of Bali fell into total silence. Nyepi is a day of self-reflection, the people stay at home to reflect on the year. As such, anything that might interfere with this process is prohibited. There will be no form of activities during Nyepi, no lights, no talking, no sound, no traveling, no entertainment, and even no eating (fasting).  Also, tourists cannot do any activities outside of their accommodation.

The only people that can be seen outdoors are the people who are in charge of keeping people indoors, The Pecalang. They are traditional security men who patrol the streets during Nyepi to make sure all are according to the tradition. Residents and tourists who wander outside can and will be captured for punishment.

As a tourist experiencing Nyepi, it is best to stay prepared. Stock up some foods for at least 2 days, download movies, prepare some books, or even ready your video games to keep you entertained. Usually, lights are prohibited to be on during Nyepi but some hotels or villas that you stay in still allow light. Still, it is best for tourists to also enjoy Nyepi and follow the tradition. If you need to use light, use it sparingly and cover up windows. With all this silence and minimal lights, one thing we could expect during the nights is the starry skies.

In 2021, Nyepi will be held on the 14th of March and can be extended for 2 more days. Bali Fun Diving would like to inform you during these days we will not hold any activities (other dive centers too). Please book your diving trips after Nyepi 2021 and enjoy Nyepi in Bali!

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