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Night Diving with Bali Fun Diving

Night Diving

People are wondering why do night diving when you can’t even see everything in the dark, even with lights on. Isn’t it scarier to experience the dark and the unknown? Many questions can be asked for a person who has never experienced night diving before. But let me tell you that you might be missing something truly wonderful in your diving journey. Here are some reasons for you to try night diving with Bali Fun Diving.

The deeper we dive in a day dive, the natural lights from the sun start to fade and we lose the ability to see the natural colours. Especially colours from the red spectrum. That is why the deeper we go, we could see more blue or purple. Meanwhile, a night dive with artificial lights from the torch can maintain the colour spectrum. So we will see more natural colours during night diving. This is why photographers and videographers prefer night diving.


Bioluminescent is a colourful phenomenon in night diving where planktons emit their natural light. This is actually their form of alerting their predators. But in doing so, just with a little dim light from your torch you can see a colourful spectacle. Planktons can vary in colour, so there will be various colours you can see.

Nocturnal Wonders

Like many animals on land, some animals in the ocean also like to be active at night. Different shrimps, crabs, and lobster can be seen active at night. Moray eels that you normally see between the reefs and holes hunt in the night, so do not be surprised when you see them swimming. Octopus can also be seen roaming around at night, you might even see them in different colours than you normally do. Nighttime underwater can be where you might experience animal behaviour differently, it is where the action and the hunt truly starts. Some species of predator might even use your light as a guide to catch prey.

Night Diving with Bali Fun Diving

So, interested to join us for night diving? With Bali Fun Diving, we could take you to Bali’s best night dive spots. Also, we’ll provide you with an underwater torch for lighting. For more information, promotion, and schedule visit www.balifundiving.com

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