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Night Diving Bali

Meet different creatures of sea life with night diving Bali at Liberty Shipwreck. Improve your experience with best price. Call/WhatsApp +62 818 1892 9111.

Night diving Bali is one of the speciality that can be an interesting choice to complete your diving adventure. Night dive will provide a different experience where your vision will only focus on the flashlight that you carry. This flashlight will give a different view that is very amazing where we can see the color of the original colorful coral.

In addition, various types of marine animals that we do not see during the day appear. They are more active at night to hunt their prey known as Nocturnal Animal

Bali’s most popular spot for night diving is Liberty Shipwreck Tulamben. The wreck that is inhabited by hundreds of species of fish is the perfect place for night predators to find their prey.

Here we can see various types of predators such as Grouper and Moray Eel hunting, night predators where dive is already familiar with the presence of divers and sometimes they use the flashlight from a diver to capture its prey.
It is a wonderful moment when they get their prey.

It’s time for you to increase your diving skills and enrich your experience with night dive in Bali.

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