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Night Dive at Liberty Shipwreck

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Tulamben Liberty wreck is not only a very special dive place during the day. Many types of fish we can see here. Even the fish that inhabit the shipwreck here are so familiar to divers that we can swim close to them.

At night, various different beings can be seen here. The so-called “nocturnal animal”. Of the various types of shrimp, crabs and predatory fish will be more active.

To do a night dive at Liberty shipwreck requires special skills that can be taken from the advanced courses or specialty courses. Through this level you will be better prepared for the night dive so it is more safe and fun.

Especially on the Liberty Shipwreck, at night we can see night predators like Grouper and Moray Eel who are hunting prey. Because they are familiar the the divers, these predators will use diver’s flashlight to see and catch its prey. A very amazing moment.

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Night dive at Liberty Shipwreck during advanced dive course Bali

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