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New Normal Diving in Bali

New Normal Diving in Bali

With the current pandemic, it doesn’t mean the diving industry will stop. After a year of pandemic, Bali Fun Diving has created diving trips that are safe and fun during the pandemic. We are sure our dive buddies are eager to be back in the sea, to refresh our lungs. So, here are some tips for New Normal Diving in Bali!

Rapid Test Antigen

Before visiting the island of Bali, make sure that you have done a Rapid Antigen Test. Make sure the result is negative. With this, you can be validated to enter the island of Bali. Of course, Bali Fun Diving staffs are doing the Antigen Covid-19 Test regularly for your diving trip safety.

Private Trip

When diving in Bali with New Normal rules, it is better for you to take a private group trip or small group. Avoid open trips with people you do not know, other random groups. With private groups, it will help you to lessen your chances to catch the COVID-19 virus.

Use Your Own Equipment or Buy New Mouthpiece

In this new normal era, the usage of scuba diving equipment must be more personalized. We suggest you bring your own scuba equipment, although we also still provide equipment rent. By doing so, you know about your own equipment hygiene. At Bali Fun Diving, we regularly sterilized our rental equipment. We also offer you to buy your own mouthpiece for your rental regulator.

Be Healthy

Either you or us are required to stay healthy before our trip begins. A healthy body will help you avoid or handle COVID-19 symptoms. So take care of yourself.

Make Sure You Are Ready

Before visiting Bali in this New Normal era, make sure that you are ready for this trip. Study about how the safety protocol works here. This will minimize your chance to catch the virus. Please note that even with all the things you prepare, there is still a chance for you to catch the virus. With that said, make sure you are really prepared before doing the trip.


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