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Mola Mola Pep Talk Part 2

Mola Mola Pep Talk Part 2

July to October in Bali is known as the Mola Mola season. Before the pandemic, hundreds of divers search for Mola Mola. Many scuba divers demand to dive in the more difficult and uncertain dive spots in Nusa Penida. While it may have a higher chance of finding them, there is also a higher chance for you to be in danger. Just because there is a higher chance for them to be there, Mola Mola can be found throughout Nusa Penida. In part 1, we’ve discussed the chances and luck of finding them in Nusa Penida. Now let us continue knowing about Mola Mola in Mola Mola Pep Talk Part 2. This part will focus on what IF you manage to find them.

The code of conduct of approaching Mola Mola

When diving with Mola Mola, please respect nature, respect the living creatures, slowly swim and do not frighten them by vigorously kicking. Keep a safe distance and also adjust your power of flashlights. Do not push or exceed your own limitation of ability and experience just to get a picture with the Mola. Respect yourself, please. Don’t be a selfish diver or arrogant by requesting a dive spot that you just hear out there without knowing well about the character of the sites. We would enjoy the underwater together in a fun and safe environment. DO NOT underestimate the power of nature. Better safe than sorry.

The coast of Bali has a mild climate. Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan are located in the south of Bali which is facing the Indian Ocean. Within these sister islands, the current brings rich nutrition and migration path for some pelagic. This condition allows Nusa Penida to have rich coral reefs.

What we learned

Learning from other dive centre accidents in the world, we have learnt and committed to your safety as our priority. Steps or procedures and standard of operating has been set, with the boat crews, captains, the divemaster or instructor, and all teams. Kindly listen to the briefing carefully and follow the plan.

Bali Fun Diving team will choose the dive site and discuss the current situation with the captain and other factors such as the level and experience of the divers on site, tides movement, wind direction, waves, etc We have the right to choose the dive site. And believe us, we choose the best for you. We know what it takes to meet the Mola Mola after thousands of dives there.

We monitor the weather and water reports daily and will attempt to inform our guests of a possible cancellation or re-route. As with all outdoor activities, bad weather or water conditions may not be known until the dive day, at the dive site, or even when we are in the water. Our dive leaders may also end a dive at any time if they believe the conditions to be potentially unsafe or other divers with dangerous behaviour.

Our Standard

We have set our standards by limiting our focus of attention to the ratio of certified divers to divemasters at a very small 2:1. If you feel not so confident we strongly recommend having a private ratio of 1:1. We believe when everything is well prepared and organized following the standards with a safe procedure, everything will be fun and quality of services is delivered. We have tried to reduce our price without compromising the QUALITY and SAFETY factors. Cheap or Expensive is relative. Our prices are competitive around Sanur and on the main island of Bali.

Respect your buddy and use a buddy system during every dive.

Be environmentally conscious at all times. Your Divemaster is also your buddy, many people think dive guides as an angel underwater during challenging dive sites. Dive guide or Divemaster acts as a buddy and a team leader for organizing, conducting and supervising recreational diving activities, assessing the hazards of a dive site and informing the divers of the hazards, suggesting routes, checking divers into and out of the water from a boat or entry point, leading a group of divers in the water as a tour guide, and so on. BUT NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LIFE, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN LIFE. As a certified diver you know your own capabilities, you have learned everything to become a certified diver.

And with that long pep talk, are you ready to finally attempt to meet the Mola Mola?

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