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Mola Mola Pep Talk Part 1

Mola Mola Pep Talk

July to October in Bali is known as the Mola Mola season. Before the pandemic, hundreds of divers search for Mola Mola. Many scuba divers demand to dive in the more difficult and uncertain dive spots in Nusa Penida. While it may have a higher chance of finding the Oceanic Sunfish, there is also a higher chance for you to be in danger. Just because there is a higher chance for them to be there, Mola Mola can be found throughout Nusa Penida. We do not put Mola Mola on a leash, appearing before you mostly comes to luck. Prepare for Mola Mola Pep Talk part 1 (second part coming right up).

Meet Mola Mola

Sometimes you will come across photos and videos of people finding Mola Mola on social media. We know that you will be tempted to dive there too, that is completely normal. But what you do not see is what it takes to go there. Sometimes, the dive spot is not on the usual route that we recommend. Those dive spots need special requirements and you need to consider the risk. Sometimes we found new divers being overconfident with their skill, even more confident than experienced divers. We write this to let you know that it is best to enjoy Mola Mola if you are also comfortable. Imagine another group of divers found Mola Mola before you, due to their lack of skill and understanding, they came too close to the creature and scare them away. There goes your chance to meet Mola Mola.

Why don’t we always go there?

At 1st our concern is SAFETY, the most important thing is your life, our goal is to have fun and a safe diving trip, also a commitment to our integrity as professional services, we are talking about Safety is PRIORITY here. If you feel your group of divers or friends are all experienced divers and want to dive in some challenging spot, we can customize it into private diving chartered by request. Dive with a private boat in your own group.

By following and tagging along with an open boat shared trip (which you are most likely to experience if you are travelling with a small group) we will choose the best dive site highlight, with consideration based on the level of the most less experienced diver. For sure we have our small ratio of DM and pairing buddy sets up based on the level of divers.

Yes, it is a bigger chance for the Mola sighted in a certain spot where the dive spot mostly has fewer divers, and the Mola won’t be easily interrupted by the divers. Mola Mola is as unpredictable as the spots that they visit, expect unexpected currents before and even during the dive.

Buoyancy Control

Proper buoyancy control can make the difference between an enjoyable, effortless dive VS one that’s uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. In fact, many diving problems can be linked to inadequate buoyancy control. Diving instructors/Divemasters/Boat Captain decides the selection of the dive sites and/or cancellation of the diving trips. In making decisions, they regard your and their own safety as the most important. Diving instructors / Divemasters /Boat Captain who are brave enough to guide you through a possibly dangerous diver are also ready to be responsible if something happens (or do they?).

Which do you prefer?

Finding a Mola Mola but you are too busy maintaining yourself to avoid dangers and exhaustion OR having a relaxing safe dive while there is also a chance for you to meet them?

We are not chasing or watching wild animals like in the zoo. Many considerations before our Dive professionals take an action and decide where the dive site to go depending on the water condition.

In the season July to October, Mola Mola is always around Nusa Penida, Mola drifted by the current and cold water from the deep blue ocean, spotted during their cleaning time in the cleaning station mostly in the deep part at 25++ meters. And sighted in almost all Nusa Penida dive spots and the sister islands. YES throughout Nusa Islands. So if some people say only in some spots, they do not know or have experienced finding Mola Mola in other places. That is why they are eager to take you to dive to places that they have met Mola Mola, not considering the unpredictability.

For example, Mola Mola is still based on luck with all the tricks and plans that we got. If it is not meant to be, then it is not your turn to meet them. Some divers came to Bali and tried their luck for 5 years in a row and haven’t met them yet. Some other divers were 1st timers and met the Mola already. We had some new divers came to Bali and met them in the in 5 meters for the first time. Even we had experienced meeting them at less than 18 meters

Mola Mola is A WILD ANIMAL, we are not chasing them, we are not diving in the ZOO. Join us in our Mola Mola pep talk before you meet the Mola Mola in Nusa Penida Please know and accept your own level of training and ability. When it is your luck, you will meet them. Thank you for reading this pep talk on Mola Mola. Let’s continue on part 2 where we discuss our code of conduct if we are lucky enough to meet them!

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