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Mantastic May : Manta Ray Facts

Manta Ray Facts

Manta Rays are wonderful giants of the ocean. It is in every scuba diver dream to meet them at least once in a lifetime. Who would want to swim along with these giant aquatic creatures? As one of Bali’s best diving highlights, this May is dedicated to them. Welcome to Mantastic Manta: Manta Ray Facts.

They Swim Constantly

Unlike many other stingrays that bury themselves in the sand. Manta Rays love to swim in the open waters, in fact, they need water to keep circulating for breathing. So it won’t be hard to spot them when you are diving in their territory.

Each of Them is Unique

Similarly to humans with their fingerprint, manta rays also have a unique pattern of spots underneath them. The black spots on the manta’s belly are all different from each other. This in fact can help scientists and diver to observe the manta rays.

Manta Baby

Manta Ray babies are called pups. That’s it.

They Are Among the Biggest Creatures Underwater

Giant Oceanic Manta Rays can grow up to 7 meters in width. Making them one of the largest creatures you can find in the ocean. Meanwhile, Reef Manta Rays can grow up to 5 meters wide.

They Are Harmless

Manta Rays are filter feeders, they feed on crustaceans and planktons. So there is no chance that they will bite you. Their “stingers” are non-function and cannot be used as a defensive weapon.

Manta Cleaning

Manta Rays love to be cleaned, they have cleaning stations where small fishes will come to eat the parasites on their bodies.

Skin Protection

Manta Rays have mucusy film on their skin for their protection. Human touch can in fact remove that protection, so do not touch them.

Those are some facts that you can learn about these gentle giants in the ocean. Interested to meet them?


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