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Mantastic May: How to Meet Manta Rays in Bali

Manta Rays are always in every scuba diver dream. Some scuba diver is willing to travel to other countries to meet Manta Rays. If you happened to be in Bali, whether to have a nice holiday or just to meet the Manta Rays you are lucky to stumble upon this blog. Thankfully, Nusa Penida Island on the southeast of Bali is the home for Manta Rays. Here is how to meet manta rays in Bali.

Nusa Penida island is located beside the Indian Ocean, so there are sometimes heavy currents near the island. This heavy current from the vast ocean brings positive circulation to the coral reefs. Healthy reefs mean more diversity and fishes, also it brings more zooplanktons to the reefs. Zooplanktons are food for Manta Rays, so Nusa Penida is a perfect place to live in.

So How To Get There?

Our scuba diving package and snorkeling package can take you to meet them in just a day. Since our package includes full transportation, if you are staying in southern Bali we will pick you up. Our bus will take you to the speed boat port at Sanur Beach, this will be where you start your journey. Our team will brief you a bit before heading to the speedboat, and then help you with your equipment used to dive or snorkel. And off we go to Manta Point.

After a 45 minutes boat ride, you will arrive at manta point in Nusa Penida. Sometimes you can already see shadows beneath the waters of Manta Rays swimming around. Makes your anticipation higher right? Manta rays can be found here all year, there are more than 70% chance that you will meet them when visiting manta point. Ask our dive instructor to take some photos of you during your dive.

Do you know? Manta Rays are completely harmless to humans. Since they eat zooplanktons, krills, and other tiny creatures. The tail is also not stingers, not like their relative the Stingrays. Their tail is also completely harmless and cannot be used as a defensive weapon.

What’s Next?

After your manta dive, we will have 2 more dives around the island. Like we mention before, the reefs of Nusa Penida are rich. But sometimes dive sites across Nusa Penida tends to have currents, so be ready for drift diving. We provide you with refreshments and snacks during surface intervals to keep you hydrated. After 3 dives, we will take you back to Bali island and share our photos and videos of you for your memories.


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