Macro Photography Dive

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Talking about underwater photography, we imagine the beauty of colourful coral and diversity of reef fish. In addition, under the water there are many small creatures rarely we see and very interesting. To get a photo of little creatures needs a special camera that can catch smaller objects. Even some people have to add some additional equipment so can get maximum and good results. This type of photography is categorised as Macro Photography.

There was something else that needed is certainly object we want to photo. Because of the tiny size, these creatures are not easy to find, many of those hide or disguise well to the surrounding.

Therefore we offer our professional guides who are experienced in underwater macro photography dive  to help to find rare creatures, even help you to get the more beautiful pictures. Nice object is not mean getting good pictures, the most important is that we can get a photo with a right moment such as: mating, feeding, catching prey, and others. And also an interesting angel like sun position, background and right focused area.

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Sea Hare, one of the unique sea slug at best macro dive site Bali.