Liberty ship wreck Tulamben

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Diving in Liberty ship wreck Tulamben will provide a unique experience and unforgettable. Beautiful and calm village of Tulamben is located on the eastern island of Bali which can be reach 2.5 hours by car from the ones of center of tourism in Bali, Sanur. The dive site access begins from the gently sloping beach and calm waters will give a new experience in your diving adventure. Tulamben beach is pebbles beach. The pebbles coming from the eruption of Mount Agung which meets the ground floor of the beach to a depth of 5 meters under water. This leads to the maintenance of the water clarity in these dive sites.

Tulamben Liberty shipwreck lie down at 25 meters away from the beach, where the position of the back or stern of the ship is at a depth of 4 meters to 18 meters below the surface, and the front or bow of the ship lies at a depth of 16meters to 29 meters. The ship has a length of approximately 120 meters, where almost all parts of the ship have been cover by corals.

Because of many parts of the wreck can seen on the shallow area. Create this place is also highly recommended for beginner nor those who want to try diving for first time. And many reef fish which makes these wrecks as their home will increasingly make this place more attractive.
Liberty ship wreck Tulamben is not only interesting in the day. During night dive, this dive site promises a different experience. Here we could see the action from the many predators night such as Giant Grouper, Moral Eel, and other predators. And also manny more different nocturnal animal which you can see during the day.

Don’t be hesitate to try diving at Liberty ship wreck Tulamben. Our professional guide team will help you to meet your safe and satisfaction on diving experience.

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