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Indonesian Divers Tradition on August 17th

Indonesian Divers Tradition on August 17th

When visiting Indonesia to dive around August, oftentimes you will stumble across a phenomenon. A tradition so to speak, of the thing we Indonesian love to do. If you found them bringing a red and white flag, it means you are diving near Indonesian Independence day. Flag raising has always been a tradition during Independence Day, not only in Indonesia. But now it is also an Indonesian divers tradition on August 17th (or before August 17 so they can upload it on time).

What is going on?

Indonesia gained independence on 17 August 1945. Every year people of Indonesia celebrate in their own way. Usually, in every neighborhood, they held many types of contests for both children and adults. The Prize will be given to the winners, and sure it is a blast. Tug of war, Pole Climbing, and other races to bring the people together. Although the tradition seems to die down in recent times, the people of Indonesia still love their country.

One of the ways to show it is by raising the Indonesian Flag underwater by scuba divers. Just check on your Indonesian diver friends if they have done it. Sometimes it’s not just taking photos. There is also a flag-raising ceremony done completely underwater. Well minus all the songs. You can often find the ceremony with dive clubs from universities. In recent years it is now an Indonesian divers tradition on August 17th

Why do you ask?

Flag-raising underwater is a reminder for Indonesian divers that they live in a beautiful country. It means we love our country and have different ways to celebrate it. It is also perfect to show the beauty of the Indonesian sea. And we are truly grateful for that. Maybe you should also bring your national flag during your dive? So do not be surprised when diving in Indonesia during August. You can also join the fun if they hold contests near the place you are staying too.

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