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How To Take Care of Your Scuba Equipment

As a diver, scuba gear is very important to you, so your scuba gear should be fully functional, well maintained and clean. so therefore you have to take care of your scuba gear.

The following are the tips for taking care of your scuba gear :

First, You have to rinse and clean your scuba gear. It doesn’t matter if you dive in a pool or in the ocean. It is important to rinse and clean your scuba gear using a large bin with fresh water mixed with a cleansing solution  to remove dirt, salt, sand or chlorine, etc.

Second, Dry your scuba gear by hanging it up in a dry place but do not directly under the sunshine, sunlight can cause damage to your scuba gear. If you store it when it is still damp, the bacteria and fungi can grow and spread which can damage your scuba gear and also can lead to infection and irritate your skin. 

Third, Store your scuba gear properly to avoid damage of the material, be kind to your gear by storing it properly in a good location, make sure to check if it is totally dry before you store it.

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