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Health Benefits While Scuba Diving in Bali

Bali has an amazing underwater world, that is why hundreds of divers came here or started their diving journey here. Exploring the underwater world by scuba diving is a sport, and like any other sports scuba diving also has its benefits. Here are some health benefits while scuba diving in Bali.

Benefits While Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a workout

Research has proven that one hour of scuba diving can help you burn up to 550 calories. Which may be more than your regular work out at the gym. The ocean cold water helps your body to release more body heat, in doing so you will burn more calories. In addition to that, the natural resistance of the water can also grow your muscles when moving underwater.

Stress Relief

Scuba diving puts you in a strange but beautiful environment, full of natural energy. While diving in Bali, you are in one of the best diving places in the world. Naturally, it will put you away from the noises you hear every day. Sometimes all it takes is a quiet place for you to release all the stress every day, and what better place it is than underwater.

Body Healing

When scuba diving, you will most likely dive in salt water and also bathe in sunlight. Sunlight gives you vitamin D, lowers blood pressure, and can also increase endorphins. While the salt water of the sea helps your skin to open your pores and absorb all of the natural seawater minerals.

Social Health

You will never dive alone, dive buddies will always be with you. While diving in Bali, meet new people or have fun with your dive buddies. Having dive buddies can build your confidence when diving and build trust with each other too. As a diver, you are responsible for your own body, and having dive buddies will teach you how to communicate properly. You will also learn to stay calm in all situations during your dives, this can also benefit you in your daily life.

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