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Habits To Become a Safer Scuba Diver

Learning scuba diving means learning new habits. There are some things that we do not usually do that might be unnatural at first. But as time goes on we gain more experience. Those experiences lead to habits, some good and some may be bad. Here are some scuba diving habits you want to know. It may take time to get used to it but it will help you out in the long run.

Here are habits to become a safer scuba diver:

Check Your Gear Before Dive

Some scuba diving centres in Bali go all the way to help you set up your gear. That is totally fine, it is their job. But as a certified scuba diver, you must check your own gear or even set up your own. This is important for you to keep being safe and having everything working within the order.

Remember How To Release Weight

Scuba diving can be dangerous, at times you might need to make an emergency exit. Releasing weight might be needed in those situations. We might forget how to release those weights when panicking. You need to remember how you equip them, is it from the left or right, integrated or not.

Keep Your Mask On

Keep your mask on, both in times of Covid-19 or when diving. If you are not using it, keep it around your neck so it is safe. Putting your mask on the forehead increases the chance for it to be washed away by the wave. You would want to lose a mask right?

Use The Right Amount of Weight

Proper weighting affects your neutral buoyancy. Some divers prefer to have more weight than to have less. But in fact, that can also be dangerous. That is why we need to know how to properly weigh ourselves. Join our peak performance buoyancy course to learn more about weighting.

Check Your Buddy

Buddy check is also important for safer scuba diver. Not only do you need to check yourself, but you need to check on your buddies. Your diving Buddies may be your lifesaver, or you could be theirs. It is more fun to dive when we all feel safe!

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