Free nitrox course Bali

Planning to stay longer underwater? is time to change your gas mixture, get free nitrox course Bali. Call/Whatsapp to +62 818 1892 9111.

Since it was introduced in recreational diving in the 90's, nitrox  become one of the favorite gas mixture use for diving. With more oxygen content, nitrox gas mixture provides many advantages to the diver. Such as: providing longer dive time, shorter surface interval, more diving day, less fatigue and more.

But, to be able to dive using nitrox gas mixture required special training which takes about a day. With Bali Fun Diving will offer you free for the course on the condition that you take a dive safari trip at least 3 days. come and join us and get free nitrox course Bali, and be nitrox diver.

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free nitrox course in Bali

Planning to stay longer underwater? Get free nitrox course in Bali.