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Finding the Best Dive Instructor in Bali

Learning scuba diving is like opening a new page of a book in your life. Scuba diving is not as simple as going underwater and swimming as you like. There is more to learn and practice before scuba diving. As scuba diving is an extreme sport, there are risks involved. Knowing these risks you will need to find a very qualified Scuba Diving Instructor that can introduce you to a new experience.

Here are some tips for finding the best dive instructor in Bali

Talk to Them, Get to Know Them

The best dive guide is the one you are most comfortable with. Get to know how they think and how much they love teaching you to dive. More communication with your instructor will deepen trust between each other.

Check Out Their Social Media

Their social media account might be your key. Look how much experience they have. Keep a lookout on the comment section, their former student may give them praise or review there. Also, get your friend’s recommendation of which instructor is the best in Bali.

Know About the Course

Before agreeing to a scuba diving course in Bali, make sure you ask away about all the details of the course. Search about what you will learn in the course. Do this to make sure none of the required skills is missing or passed. You will need the whole material to pass the course.

Find Instructor Who Is Willing to Encourage You

Do not be satisfied with only passing the course. A good scuba diving instructor will encourage you to be perfect in your skills. They will give you tips about your skills, tips about the surrounding dive sites, and give you ideas on what to do next. A good instructor will be patient even if you are struggling with a certain skill.

Find a Simple Instructor

Find a best dive instructor in Bali can be easy to understand when you are learning. Especially for you taking an open water diver course. Do not let your instructor spill out diving terminology that you are not familiar with. It is also your right to ask them, ask them all you want.

Strict About Your Passing Grade

You are paying them to teach you how to be a good scuba diver. You pay them for the skills and knowledge, not just a piece of plastic card or recognition. A scuba diving instructor has the right to hold your scuba diving license until you are qualified. Find those who are strict about you passing the course, especially in Bali.

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