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Everything You Need to Know About Tulamben Dive Sites

Tulamben Dive Sites

One of the highlight dive sites in Bali is Liberty wreck dive. With Tulamben dive trip you will be invited to explore the majesty of the heritage of world war II. With huge size, the wreck lying down 25 meters away from the beach. Liberty Wreck can be seen starting from 4 meters till 29 meters deep.

Beach diving with clear, calm, and warm water make Tulamben wreck dive site welcome to all level of diver. Liberty wreck is a shelter of more than 100 species of reef fishes, and be home of the schooling of Bump Head Parrotfish during the night.

There is no doubt that Bali is one of the best scuba diving in the world. Bali is the perfect destination to provide all levels of experience, from small fish to lively coral reefs. One of the best locations you can visit is the Tulamben dive site. What is the attractiveness of this site? Check the further information here!

About The Diving Sites

Tulamben is one of the many spectacular diving destinations in Bali to visit. You can enjoy numerous dive sites along one coastline, from the shallowest shipwrecks to muck dives that are sure to provide the best experience for macro lovers! Even novice divers can enjoy the beauty of the Tulamben sites easily.

Tulamben has calm and clear waters, lots of reef fish can be found here, such as Anemonefish, Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Turtles, Snapper, Batfish, and more. The dive site here starts from the shore with a gentle slope. This condition is a perfect place for those who want to do diving in Bali but were nervous because they had not been diving in a long time.

Tulamben is located in the eastern part of Bali where you can travel by car for 2.5 hours. Your trip to the dive site will also be treated to views of the nature of Bali land with rice fields and beautiful mountains. So it is guaranteed not to make you bored.

Diving Guide at Tulamben Sites

  1. The Best Time To Go To The Site
    If you ask when to dive in Bali? Then the answer is quite easy because you can do it all year round. But December to March is the rainy season, which means visibility can be dim compared to the rest of the time. But the good news is during the rainy season, there will be fewer people to share the dive sites.
  2. Diving Experience Level
    If you’re not already a proficient scuba diver, don’t worry! Tulamben provides sites with shallow reefs along the coast, which are excellent locations for learning to dive or even snorkeling for beginners. You can also choose to do a Discover Scuba Dive with an instructor or an Open Water course where you will receive training to become a certified diver at Tulamben dive sites.
  3. Access
    Tulamben is located along the east coast of Bali Island or about 2 hours drive from Sanur. Since most of the sites are located along the coast, you can expect to have memorable dives in Tulamben. In addition, the current around the Tulamben site is also clear, light, and easy to access. The light currents and shallow depths make Tulamben an optimal diving destination for novice divers.
  4. Surface condition
    Between August and September, the surface waves at Tulamben will rise slightly. It makes beach diving difficult to reach and even dangerous. The beaches at Tulamben mostly have rock and gravel characteristics that make Tulamben dive sites complicated. During the big wave season, divers often lose their stability, so it is better to dive with a professional guide.

Diving Experience

The diving experience in Tulamben will be more exciting if you have a reliable instructor. If you are a beginner, it is the best option to enjoy the site in a precise way. Meanwhile, if you want to dive by yourself and need advanced skills, Bali Fun Diving will provide everything that you need before doing these activities for the best experience.

All kinds of sea beauty and stunning natural charm in Tulamben almost fulfill every diver’s wish list. But before coming to tourist sites, it’s better if you know the characteristics of the sites, so you don’t experience problems. That is why you need to know about the best time to go to the Tulamben dive sites, the equipment, the other stuff that you need to prepare.

Our professional dive guide will also provide important guidance and always accompany your dives so that you will stay safe and enjoy the underwater adventure. Time to call your underwater adventure back, do not hesitate, we are ready to help you. Our priority is safety.

Get your ticket to explore the heritage of world war II.

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