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Do You Really Need Your Own Dive Computer ?

When learning about scuba diving, there is some equipment required to conduct a scuba dive. These equipment are essentials in your dive such as BCD, regulator, mask, and fins. But have you got a DIVE COMPUTER? A dive computer is a device that is usually worn on the wrist, and generally about the size of your sports watch. Dive computers give you important information during the dive, like your current depth, ascent rate, dive time, and decompression stops. Those are information that you can always monitor if you are using one. Do you really need your own dive computer? Well, here are some reasons why you really need your own!

Safety and Accuracy

Like people said, safety is the first priority. Having a dive computer gives divers extra safety and precautions. Although the computer itself might not give you extra air to breathe, they help you keep on track within the plan. That is why it is very important to plan your dive and dive your plan, better with the help of Divecomp. You’ll feel safer when you know where you are and how much longer you can stay at a certain depth, also avoiding decompression. The dive computer can help you with the amazing accuracy of data.

Dive Logs

Times are changing, manually filling your log book is turning into a thing in the past. Many kinds of dive computers nowadays have a dive log feature. Dive computers log all of the details about your diving journey. Some can even reach 200 diving logs. Automatically, they record how long you dive, how deep, and so on. They will help you save time and not rely on memory alone. Some brand of dive computers has their own application so you could transfer logs to the app. 

Ascend Rate Monitor

Every diver knows how dangerous it is to ascend too quickly. We do not want our lungs to rupture like an over-inflated balloon. That is why dive computers came with an Ascend Rate Monitor. Usually, your dive computer will start beeping as soon as you come up too fast. During the beeping, do not panic and act accordingly. Ascend rate monitor is also a popular reason why people bought one or more. 

Dive computers came in various designs and sizes. Look for the right size and the right price for you. The prices of dive computers can vary drastically so search for the dive comp perfect for you. 

Lastly, dive computers do not guarantee your safety. Safety is completely up to you and the environment, even divers with the most perfect dive computer still vulnerable to human errors. So please be cautious and double-check your equipment before diving. 

(Cliff Jordan)

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