Diving with Mola mola

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Nusa Penida is one of the favorite dive sites in Bali. In the cold water season that usually happens in July to October, the dive site here becomes more crowded with divers.

The main reason the divers here are diving with Mola mola. Mola mola is a type of deep-water fish that occasionally leads to shallow place following the upward cold stream to rid itself of parasites.

By swiming close to the reef, some species of fish such as Bannerfish will eat the parasites on their bodies so they stay healthy.

With no interruption from divers, Mola mola can swim up to shallow places and even up to sea level, thus allowing its body cleaned by seabirds.

Mola mola has a pretty strange shape, has two fins that grow big up and down and has a very short tail and barely visible, so it looks like the head of a fish with a big fin.

Curious? It's time to witness the uniqueness of this fish. Prepare a thicker wetsuit, your hood and glove. Plan your dives well by contacting Bali Fun Diving. Get super special prices for more participants in your group.

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moles during waiting for cleaning by Bannerfish.